3 easy ways to get post-holiday eating on track

Jan. 3, 2019

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Did you overindulge this holiday season?

Maybe you’re determined that this is the year you start eating healthier?

You’re not alone.

Fortunately, it’s not too tough to get back on track. GreatLIFE’s Austin Kjergaard has three simple suggestions to start 2019 off on a path to healthier eating.

Eat and drink more: Of the right things

Yes, you can start to become more nutrition-conscious by eating and drinking more – if you make the right choices.

“I always tell people to start by increasing your water intake,” Kjergaard said. “And make it a point to eat more fruit, vegetables and other foods that are a good source of fiber and other nutrients.”

For instance, start by drinking one glass of water at each meal. And make sure those meals include protein, fruit, vegetables, grains and healthy fat.

“Creating healthy nutrition early, getting to the gym and being sure to properly hydrate could make you start to feel better and see some normalization in body weight,” Kjergaard said.

Plan for challenges

Shifting to a healthier lifestyle is going to come with some challenges. But planning ahead can help you meet them.

For instance, some people struggle with creating healthy recipes.

“Look up healthy cookbooks online or download a healthy cookbook app,” Kjergaard suggested.

Other people fall into fad diets, he said.

“Do research first by speaking to a professional, and ask yourself if that program is realistic and attainable for you,” he said. “Ask yourself where you struggle the most, and focus on fixing that first.”

Finally, some people find it challenging to tackle a lifestyle change without a support system.

“If you don’t have one, surround yourself with people that are also trying to improve their health and are actually taking action toward it,” Kjergaard said.

You can start at any GreatLIFE fitness center, where new and current GreatLIFE members are eligible for a GreatSTART session that includes a state-of-the-art fitness assessment, consultation and goal-setting and basic nutrition advice. Then, watch for events and fitness challenges throughout the year to connect you with others committed to a healthier lifestyle, including the GreatFIT Challenge starting Jan. 21.

Try prepaid meals, snacks

It’s easy to reach for the wrong thing when you’re in a hurry, hungry and haven’t planned.

Try stocking up on healthy meals from Eat Fit Go, which offers protein-packed, nutrition-filled breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

For snacks, Be Right Bites is a tasty and healthy choice. With protein balls in peanut butter, cookie dough and other flavors, you’ll feel like you’ve indulged while still keeping to a healthy diet.

You can find both at GreatLIFE’s Woodlake and Performance Center locations.

“Members and nonmembers can purchase these meals and snacks to help fill in areas that are difficult to get in throughout the day,” Kjergaard said.

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3 easy ways to get post-holiday eating on track

Did you overindulge this holiday season? Maybe you’re determined that this is the year you start eating healthier? These three ideas will get you on track.

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