A thank-you for customers, a new way to save

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We’ve all been there: The doorbell rings, and a student fundraiser is on the other side with an ask.

Often, it’s a printed card offering discounts at area businesses or maybe a box of cookie dough. Maybe you buy it and use it regularly. Maybe you buy it and forget about it.

Either way, the company that manages the program – Adrenaline Fundraising – thinks a new digital discount program will be a welcome addition to any existing fundraisers.

“Traditional fundraising and door-to-door sales will never go away completely. I envision this new way to fundraise as a membership program, similar to other memberships like Amazon Prime, Netflix or AAA, for example,” said David Nelson, Adrenaline’s regional director for South Dakota.

“Fundraising is getting more difficult. We have schools and organizations that don’t allow door-to-door sales. We also have existing groups that need more money throughout the year. What we’re trying to create with this model is residual income for groups.”

The new digital discount program comes in the form of a mobile app and website to print coupons. With digital, there is no limit to the number of merchants that can participate.

Sioux Falls is a pilot market for the program.

“Businesses are absolutely loving it,” said Rhonda Top, the Adrenaline merchant sales representative. “A lot of businesses can’t afford to get their own app or have reduced budgets for advertising. I’m all about that mom-and-pop shop and local deals, so it’s been a great response.”

Deals include restaurants, car washes, shops and entertainment venues. So far more than 200 businesses are signed up, with more than 400 offers in the Sioux Falls area. The program also can be used nationwide.

“When I show it to businesses, they’re amazed it doesn’t cost them anything,” Top said. “But we’re a fundraising company. Their cost is their deal.”

For customers, the cost is $25 for six months and can be renewed. Schools and organizations receive $10 each time a membership is renewed.  The customer can choose from the list of participating schools and groups as they decide where to direct their renewal donation.

But Novak Sanitary Service wanted to offer an even better deal. So its customers will begin receiving an activation code for the Adrenaline Savings Program through the company’s printed and electronic newsletters. This code is for a free 90-day trial from the time of activation. For access to this free code, log on to www.novaksanitary.com/savings before Feb. 28, 2018.

“It’s just a way for us to offer something to customers that nobody else does,” general manager Bob Novak said. “It’s something we can give people to save money and donate to schools at the same time.”

The partnership is an excellent fit for Adrenaline Fundraising, Nelson said.

“We’re very excited to team up with Novak,” he said.

The majority of deals on the app won’t be found anywhere else, Top added. And because it’s connected to the larger Adrenaline Fundraising network, users can access deals nationwide.

“We know our sports teams travel, so it’s another way to connect to those communities,” Top said. “It’s all about community and helping our schools and youth organizations.”

For further help accessing the code and for additional information on the program, email support@adrenalinefundraising.com or contact Adrenaline Fundraising at 888-686-0554.

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A thank-you for customers, a new way to save

Ever buy one of those fundraiser discount cards? This new addition takes them into the digital era.

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