Arby’s newest location will be attached to BBQ restaurant

July 31, 2020

Arby’s is coming to the south side of Sioux Falls.

The local franchisee, American Roast Beef, will build an addition onto Cody’s Smokehouse at 6401 S. Louise Ave. While Arby’s will have its own kitchen and a dining room that will seat 57 customers, the two restaurants will share bathrooms, said Joe James, president of the franchise group.

The two restaurants share a connection through Joe Cody, the founder of Cody’s Smokehouse, which opened in August 2017. He’s also a partner in American Roast Beef, James said.

“We talked about a freestanding store out front, but we couldn’t get that to go,” James said. “We hashed it out and came up with the addition on the north side.”

Cody’s will eliminate one of its two party rooms with the addition.

The new Arby’s will feature the chain’s latest design and will be similar to the most recent location American Roast Beef opened, which was in October 2018 in Brandon. The ownership group has 11 stores in eastern South Dakota and one in Worthington, Minn.

“This will be lucky No. 13,” James joked.

The new location has been in the works for some time.

“We were trying to be open this summer,” James said. “With COVID-19, that set it back a couple of months.”

He said the ownership group is confident about the future and is ready to begin construction “in the next couple of weeks or so.”

The new location will include a drive-thru.

“That’s what saved us during these crazy times,” James said. Arby’s closed its dining rooms as the pandemic reached Sioux Falls and only recently reopened them.

The goal is to open in mid-November, James said.

“I think it will work pretty good,” he said of the pairing of the two restaurants. “It’s just growing out there. We are an established brand in the area. Cody’s and with us both, that will help draw more people out that way.”

Hiring likely will begin in mid-October for a staff of at least 40 full- and part-timers, James said.

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Arby’s newest location will be attached to BBQ restaurant

In a unique pairing, an Arby’s franchise will be built onto a locally owned barbecue restaurant.

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