Auto shop helps teen with vandalized car

By Rosemary McCoy

The service manager at Mark Juhl Auto Sports & Service Center is helping a teen whose car was vandalized this weekend.

Matt Juhl said he saw the damage to Ezra Hall’s car on Facebook and offered to remove the spray-painted obscenities.

“I saw the story and just wanted to do what I could to help out and make him happy,” Juhl said.

In addition to the spray paint across the body and windows of the 2010 Chevy Impala, the vandal used paint stripper, leaving bare metal exposed. Hall said he’ll have to decide whether to repaint or replace the car, which his aunt owned before she died. The soon-to-graduate New Tech High School student doesn’t have full-coverage insurance on it, so he’s still facing a financial burden.

But Juhl’s good deed will make it possible for him to keep using the car in the meantime.

“I really don’t have the time or the money for anything like this. And for him and various other people to volunteer their time and money means the world to my family and I,” Hall said. “I can’t thank him enough, and I think some people could learn a thing or two from people like him and his team.”
Juhl said Monday afternoon that he expects the cleanup work to take four or five hours. He has been trying different products and chemicals to remove the spray paint.

“I’m hoping we can get a good chunk of it removed. … It will be a lot better.”

Juhl said his father, Mark, is getting close to retiring, and he’s working to position the business for his future leadership.

“For myself, I really want to step it up,” he said. “I want to be able to show the community we have a sales and service department, and we are willing to help out the community.”

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Auto shop helps teen with vandalized car

The service manager at Mark Juhl Auto Sports & Service Center is helping a teen whose car was vandalized this weekend.

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