Avoid gym burnout with improvements, variety at Sanford Wellness

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The new year is upon us, and as you mix and mingle with family and friends at holiday parties and celebrations, one question will be asked continually: “What’s your New Year’s resolution?”

And while there are plenty of things to focus on for the year ahead, most people will respond with some iteration of being healthier.

This could mean choosing better foods or making different lifestyle choices, but many answers revolve around being more active and joining a gym. But in a sea of fitness facilities and pop-up workout zones, how do you find the one that will keep you on track in 2018?

“Gym burnout is real,” explains Brandy Sivesind, director of the Sanford Wellness Center. “Just like with any activity or hobby, if your gym routine gets stagnant, you’re less likely to do it. But if you can inject some variety into your workout, it keeps you more engaged.”

The Sanford Wellness Center at 49th Street and Oxbow Avenue recently underwent a large renovation to bring more of that variety to its clients and attract new ones.

“This renovation gave us the opportunity to really cater to the needs of our members,” Sivesind said. “What we offer is an all-inclusive experience. We have areas and classes that give you that boutique-gym feel, while still maintaining our appeal to those who are more independent exercisers.”

Having that type of variety in the facility is not only good for business, but also for the health of those who work out there.

“Variety just doesn’t keep you interested in your workout, it’s actually beneficial in order to prevent injuries,” Sivesind explained. “It’s similar to what we tell our young athletes. It’s not advisable to specialize in just one sport. You have to challenge yourself, your body, your muscles.”

Through the Sanford Wellness Center’s month-to-month membership, members receive access to three facilities in Sioux Falls: Oxbow Avenue, West 32nd Street and the Sanford Fieldhouse at the Sanford Sports Complex.

“Through our three facilities, members have access to more than 150 classes a week,” Sivesind said. “This gives you the opportunity to try things you wouldn’t normally have had the chance to in smaller, niche facilities. There’s heated yoga, spinning classes, water aerobics, our Forte training program to work on your strength and mobility, and a lot more.”

“We don’t want wellness to be a fad for people,” she added. “We want to grow with them throughout their lives so as your needs and wants change, you can still find a home with us.”

To find out more about the Sanford Wellness Center and its recent renovation, go to sanfordwellness.org or stop by the Oxbow Avenue location for a tour and free trial.

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Avoid gym burnout with improvements, variety at Sanford Wellness

Just in time for those new year’s resolutions, Sanford Health has revamped its wellness experience to include upgrades and access to multiple facilities.

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