Behind the headlines: Click Rain 10 years later

June 7, 2018

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By Natalie Eisenberg, CEO

Over the past year, Click Rain has experienced some of its biggest moments in company history.

While headlines such as “Click Rain names new CEO” and “Mayor TenHaken” have taken the lead and driven much of the conversation about Click Rain, there is a more interesting story to tell if you move beyond the headlines.

Click Rain is 10 years old this year. With this milestone comes some reflection and celebration, along with a bigger team, a more sophisticated client mix and a larger regional presence. We aren’t just a few web nerds anymore. We are a team of about 40 business and tech-savvy professionals that see possibilities from the moment we wake up each morning. Our team members are continuously training in their areas of expertise, and we’re wired to be hyperaware of advancements and tech changes that will influence our work.

From time to time, we’re still asked if we can place a billboard or design a newspaper ad. And while it is tempting to widen our scope of services to accommodate clients with more traditional needs, we’ve committed to remaining specialized in the digital space.

In other words, we’re not going wider in our service mix, we’re going deeper. Deeper to harness the connections between marketing technology and business technology. Deeper to compete with generalists trying to be specialists. Deeper to deliver what businesses really need today — to “be more digital” not to “do more digital.”

Sound complex? It’s really quite simple.

Do you send mass emails? Do you have a website? Run digital advertising or have a customer database? If so, you are already using marketing technology. And if you are a marketer, you have likely noticed the challenges posed when your suite of marketing technology platforms — your “martech stack” — is not in order. Click Rain helps you select, connect and operate your martech stack components for more automated, efficient and high-performance marketing.

While technology is the foundation, the purpose is still to deliver the best experience to your audience. Just as a bad experience in your physical location may turn customers away, you may just as easily lose business if your customers don’t have a smooth experience as they move through your social channels, your website, a purchase and follow-up emails.

A strong marketing technology stack provides that full-circle foundation for your digital presence, and Click Rain has developed practical tools to help you strengthen yours.

“She’s the new CEO at Click Rain.”

This is a phrase I hope to hear less of in coming months. While our company’s leadership succession has been a huge focus over the past year, we’re ready to move beyond it. Our culture, our depth and our martech approach are unique in this market, and that’s the conversation we look forward to having more of as we roll into our next decade of business.

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Behind the headlines: Click Rain 10 years later

Click Rain has had a newsy year, from a new CEO to a former CEO turned mayor. But there’s an even broader story beyond those headlines.

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