Big-city offices designed from Sioux Falls

Nov. 14, 2018

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One is a high-rise office.

Another is a downtown headquarters.

Others are sites in multiple cities.

But they’re all designed and furnished from Sioux Falls, where Interstate Office Products has been helping area clients create meaningful work environments nationwide.

“It’s rewarding to build with our clients as they scale out to offices around the country,” said Kristi Christensen, IOP’s vice president of sales and design.

“And because we’re part of the Steelcase network of dealers, we’re able to offer the same outstanding products and service our customers rely on from Sioux Falls in a way that seamlessly supports their expansions.”

Here’s a look at several recent projects that have taken IOP and its clients outside the state and into modern new spaces.

Avera eCARE expansion

Interstate Office Products has been a partner from the start as Avera created its eCARE virtual medicine hub in Sioux Falls.

“We’ve worked with them to furnish workstations that allow providers in Sioux Falls to interact virtually with colleagues and patients in multiple states,” said Kim Ducommun, IOP’s interior designer on the project.

“On an ongoing basis, we’re helping test different types of monitors and monitor arms as they decide what works best for their services. We can test those things out locally, demonstrate the products so they can make decisions here and then help them deploy those products.”

Avera eCARE has expanded in the past year to include a satellite office in San Antonio, Texas, helping support its 24-hour virtual pharmacy services.

IOP was able to take the Sioux Falls floor plan and products and apply it to the smaller space in Texas.

“It includes the same eCARE work environments with height-adjustable workstations, a break room and conference room,” Ducommun said. “As their services reach out into other locations, we’ll take a similar approach.”

eCARE also is adding sites in Indiana and Michigan.

“It’s important that the recipients of our services understand that we are one team,” eCARE CEO Deanna Larson said. “When they’re making a call into one of our eICUs, it’s important that it doesn’t appear different from what they normally would see. We wanted the same look and feel, and functionality was important.”

IOP has worked with eCARE to achieve that goal, she said.

“They’ve been very good at working with us to be creative and to downsize or upsize with the locations and do what they need to make our clinicians comfortable,” Larson said. “We didn’t have to start over with a local team. We could take what we learned and created here in Sioux Falls.”

 Face It Together

When Face It Together moved its headquarters from Sioux Falls to Denver, IOP’s expertise went with the organization, which offers services for those struggling with addiction.

Working with Lenae Design, IOP helped furnish the urban-looking space that used to be a rug store.

“So it had a lot of hardwood floors. It was a historic building with wood beam structures, so they wanted to keep that look and feel,” designer Teena Hogan said.

“When you first walk in the space, we created some different sit-down areas with varying levels of privacy.”

In the Face It consulting offices, IOP helped provide a residential feel, with lounge seating and lamps to add softness in lighting.

“It’s not a typical office layout,” Hogan said. “They wanted a more welcoming and softer feel, and there’s a lot more privacy than we see in most offices.”

The Steelcase dealer serving Denver handled installation, but Hogan remained Lenae Design’s single point of contact.

“The install went very smooth. It was very organized. We received photos along the way, and Face It seemed very happy with how it all came together.”

Meta Financial Group

A recent office renovation for Meta Financial Group took the company to the 10th floor of a Newport Beach, Calif., high-rise.

But Hogan, who has worked with Meta on its offices for years, had no trouble overseeing the project from Sioux Falls.

“They’re expanding and acquiring companies in different states, so they’re hoping to get some consistency across their locations,” she said. “We modified their standard workstation to fit the space and the number of people they wanted in there.”

The project used the Steelcase network for delivery and installation, which was especially helpful in dealing with California regulations and the unique requirements of installing furniture in a high-rise building.


“For the deal down there, this was business as usual, so it was great to partner,” IOP’s Christensen said. “And yet Meta was able to work directly with Teena, who could track the entire installation and provide status updates.”

IOP plans to continue helping Meta with its office redesigns, including a large project next year in Sioux Falls.

“The team at IOP has been instrumental in completing projects for our satellite locations,” said Jon Jackson, Meta’s vice president of facilities.

“From design and project management to following through on the installation, they provide a professional product on tight timelines.”

Vance Thompson Vision

The Vance Thompson Vision headquarters in Sioux Falls is an eye-catching building with an exceptionally thoughtful design inside.

Interstate Office Products helped fulfill that vision when it designed and furnished the space several years ago.

Centered around the experience of everyone who uses the building, it became a template as the vision specialists grew their presence into other states.

“We started from the beginning in Sioux Falls. We sat in on all the construction meetings and worked through everything from movable walls to furniture and finishes,” Christensen said.

“I was astounded by their passion for taking care of the whole person and how they wanted their space to put people at ease and be simple and intuitive.”

Vance Thompson Vision expanded to Bozeman, Mont., last year and Omaha this year. In both spaces, “a lot of the furnishings were identical so the branding could be continuous,” Christensen said. “And then it was a matter of plans and renderings emailed back and forth.”

IOP worked with its network Steelcase dealer to do the Montana installation, and the Sioux Falls team handled the one in Omaha. Either approach is an option, Christensen said, and it’s detailed in a client’s proposal and handled seamlessly from Sioux Falls.

“IOP was extremely professional, reliable and great to work with,” said Kevin Oswald, clinic director in Omaha. “They helped us bring the vision of our clinic to reality. We are very appreciative of the partnership and are thankful to have them to work with.”

To learn more about how Interstate Office Products can meet your office needs in the Sioux Falls area and beyond, visit or call 605-339-0300.

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Big-city offices designed from Sioux Falls

Interstate Office Products helps area clients create meaningful work environments nationwide.

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