Butterfly art helps business take flight

May 1, 2018

When Brittany Veldkamp was growing up in Milwaukee, she used to visit a large museum with a huge collection of butterflies.

It led her to start collecting butterflies when she found them outdoors.

Years later, when she received a framed one as a gift, it inspired her to look for more pieces for her home.

“And I came across people selling just the dried insects unframed, so I decided to try it for myself,” said Veldkamp, a self-taught entomologist.

“I got compliments, and so I started selling on Etsy and then a few stores in Sioux Falls.”

She has expanded Wanderlust by Brittany to use a variety of butterflies and beetles to create framed pieces and jewelry.

“All my butterflies and insects are ethically sourced,” she said. “They’re not killed. They pass away naturally. It’s unique to see the different species and colors, and I’m constantly amazed discovering new butterflies.”

Her work will be for sale at Friday’s 605 Made Spring Market, sponsored by and located downtown at The First National Bank in Sioux Falls.

“I never make the same piece twice unless it’s ordered, and none of these are in stores,” she said. I just really enjoy preserving the beauty of nature and all the creativity involved.”

605 Made Spring Market to be held Friday

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Butterfly art helps business take flight

A childhood fascination with butterflies led to a unique handmade business for Brittany Veldkamp.

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