Caring for each other, community sets Click Rain apart

Nov. 19, 2018

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By Carissa Schoffelman, vice president of administration

As someone who sits in on a lot of interviews within this organization, I often get this question from applicants: “What makes you continue to love working at Click Rain?” And although I have an endless supply of things I love about being here, I always say it’s the caring nature of our culture and staff.

After a recent meeting with some team members about our culture and what makes Click Rain different, I heard many say that what continues to separate us is the way we care for and serve others. This is not only present in our day-to-day interactions with one another, but in our community as well. We are very supportive of one another here, no matter what stage of life we are in, and that pours out into our community giving.

Click Rain Cares is a phrase we’ve coined to encompass the mind-set we employ about service to each other and our community. It has become an integral part of our company.

Click Rain Cares means:

  • Caring for one another.​​ Click Rain has a longstanding tradition of taking care of its employees. This comes through exceptional standard benefits, as well as some unique items that really speak to our employees at their various life stages. You can read more about those in some ​blog posts we did earlier this year.
  • Serving our community.​​ Click Rain serves the people around us in our community. This year, we have served at The Banquet, packed meals for Kids Against Hunger, Raked the Town, served alongside Lutheran Social Services teaching new immigrants English, provided care packages for Mission Haiti, donated books for literacy and more. We recently compiled a list of places our employees individually serve in the community, and it was a really powerful look at the impact and causes people are passionate about at Click Rain.
  • Giving.​​ At Click Rain, we have a tradition of sharing our profits with the community through our Click Rain Cares employee giving program. We set aside 1 percent of annual profits, and at year-end, we split it up evenly among our staff and allow them to donate their portion to a nonprofit of their choosing in their name. Since starting the Click Rain Cares program in 2016, our employees have donated over $64,000 to more than 30 nonprofit organizations. It has been a powerful way for us to share the profitability of the company with our staff and make a continuous impact in our community and beyond. Additionally, for staff who choose to pool their giving together, we’ve been able to have significant impacts on local organizations such as Make-A-Wish and The Compass Center.

Click Rain Cares is a continuous mind-set of caring and giving that we foster in many different ways. From staff interactions to community service and financial giving, it adds purpose to the work we do every day.


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Caring for each other, community sets Click Rain apart

How would you like to give a portion of your company’s profits away to a charity of your choice? Click Rain employees get that chance every year — along with daily reminders of the caring culture their business promotes.

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