Sioux Falls residents show continued reluctance to dine in restaurants, attend events

From restaurant dining to events, activities and worshipping, we asked Sioux Falls residents how comfortable they are going back.

2 months ago

New year brings new opportunities for retailers to connect with resources

No matter what 2020 was like for you as a retailer, the coming year offers new opportunities to connect and grow your business — starting with joining this organization.

2 months ago

Back to school, working from home: Sioux Falls residents share how it’s going

School generally is going better or as parents expected during COVID-19, and most who are working from home would like to continue it, at least part time.

2 months ago

The ‘Nifty Five’ market and what it means to you

The S&P 500 is supposed to be one of the most diversified investment indexes, but five tech companies now make up a big share of its value. What’s an investor to do? Here’s some “Common Cents” advice.

2 months ago

Find COVID-19 case numbers, other updates here

The rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic is having a broad impact on Sioux Falls-area businesses and events. This page will be updated frequently, so check back often for the latest developments.

2 months ago

December #ScenesFromTheRoute

Working with Novak Sanitary Service, we trained their crews to use their camera phones to share what they encounter as they collect trash and recycling. Here’s what they spotted in December.

2 months ago

Remembering the good: Sioux Falls shares 2020 moments, memories

2020 definitely wasn’t all bad. You shared some powerful, personal moments that make this a year to remember — in a good way.

2 months ago

Comings & Goings

Here’s a look at recent changes in the business landscape in the Sioux Falls area.

2 months ago

Sioux Falls residents weigh in on COVID-19 response, masking, vaccinations

We asked and you answered: What readers told us about our community’s response to COVID, masking, vaccination and much more.

2 months ago

Survey results: Sioux Falls residents have continued anxiety, few sources of trusted information about COVID-19

Mental health, medical care and where they go to find trusted information about COVID-19 (if anywhere): Our survey respondents told us.

2 months ago

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