Well-known hotels make major improvements as travelers begin to come back

As guests are returning to hotels citywide, they’re discovering new and improved spaces. Take a look!

1 month ago

List of state notices for possible COVID-19 exposure at Sioux Falls-area locations

State health officials are alerting customers to possible COVID-19 exposure at businesses.

1 month ago

Raven develops BioFlex film for medical isolation gowns

Innovation at work: Raven Industries has developed a new line of film to be used in medical PPE gowns.

1 month ago

Smithfield earnings show $350M spent on COVID-related costs

Smithfield Foods Inc. spent $350 million on COVID-19-related expenses in the second quarter, causing its operating results to swing to a loss.

1 month ago

Who are your business’ pandemic heroes? At SDN, they’re the techs keeping your networks running smoothly

The pandemic has produced lots of heroes – including some unsung ones who are keeping companies connected and allowing employees to work remotely.

1 month ago

Protecting your identity during COVID pandemic

COVID isn’t the only virus lurking out there. Be extra cautious online to make sure you don’t become a victim of scams, identity theft and other bad actors.

1 month ago

HVAC company sees strong demand for new virus-killing device

A Sioux Falls company wasn’t trying to help fight a pandemic when it brought this new product on board this year — but the timing was perfect.

2 months ago

COVID-19 and commercial leases: What you need to know

As businesses face interruptions and temporary restrictions, tenants and landlords should be ready to address these COVID-related issues.

2 months ago

How to prevent, detect, respond to cybersecurity incidents

Your business must address three general areas of cybersecurity: prevention, detection and response. This guide will help you assess how you’re doing.

2 months ago

Estate planning basics: Common-sense approaches to ensure solid strategies

By coordinating an estate plan with appropriate professional advisers, you can ensure that your assets will get to where you intended them to go.

2 months ago

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