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How to build resilience, motivation in new year

Are you having trouble bouncing back from the events of the last year? That’s understandable — and there are simple ways to help yourself.

3 weeks ago

State COVID update includes estimates for vaccine availability

Wonder when you might be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine? The state has an update.

3 weeks ago

Sioux Falls health systems: COVID-19 vaccination is efficient, with few adverse reactions

Front-line health care workers in Sioux Falls have received their COVID-19 vaccinations, and additional priority groups are starting to receive theirs.

3 weeks ago

Sioux Falls residents weigh in on COVID-19 response, masking, vaccinations

We asked and you answered: What readers told us about our community’s response to COVID, masking, vaccination and much more.

4 weeks ago

Survey results: Sioux Falls residents have continued anxiety, few sources of trusted information about COVID-19

Mental health, medical care and where they go to find trusted information about COVID-19 (if anywhere): Our survey respondents told us.

4 weeks ago

Avera Research charts new courses to help communities

Medical research can take a lot of forms — these two programs go beyond gathering data to offer change in the lives of Native Americans.

4 weeks ago

It’s possible: Eat, drink and be merry — while still keeping nutrition in mind over the holidays

“Don’t allow food to have power over your enjoyment during this holiday season!” Take the power back with this great advice for the week ahead.

1 month ago

Front-line health care vaccines should wrap up this week as state leads nation in vaccination

South Dakota is leading the nation in per-capita COVID-19 vaccination, with front-line health care workers planned to be done this week. Here’s who’s next and how the state suggests you approach the holidays.

1 month ago

City update: All health care workers will be vaccinated within weeks

Weekly city COVID update: Health care vaccinations are going well, COVID numbers are trending down, but South Dakota’s data remains some of the worst in the nation.

1 month ago

LASIK offers clear, glasses-free vision at affordable price

Sanford Health now is offering LASIK vision correction in both eyes for the flat fee of $3,500. For this woman, it was well worth it.

1 month ago

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