Jodi’s Journal

Jodi’s Journal: Big votes set stage for downtown’s future

In a time of political dysfunction, our local leaders got it right.

3 weeks ago

Jodi’s Journal: The tale of three economies

When Jodi Schwan was asked to speak on business trends last week, she focused on how “as we begin a new decade, we essentially are living in three economies.” Here’s what they are and why they matter to you and your business.

1 month ago

Jodi’s Journal: Predictions and question marks for 2020

Want an idea of what’s to come in Sioux Falls business this year? Jodi Schwan offers her predictions in this week’s column.

2 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: For those missing loved ones this Christmas, this is a must read

If you are experiencing your first or your latest Christmas without someone you love, this message is for you.

2 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: Changing the conversation around addiction

Addiction recovery in this city now has a new address. Here’s why we all should know it.

3 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: In building downtown, go local

Two downtown projects, two family businesses and one big endorsement of Sioux Falls: That’s what you get by going local in development.

3 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: Abdallah’s last day and lasting legacy

It’s so fitting that the first South Dakota Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner without its founder, Gene Abdallah, featured a quarterback as the guest speaker.

3 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: A community’s kids need our help

There’s growing momentum for businesses and individuals to support the needs of our schools — and not a moment too soon.

4 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: Sioux Falls to Minneapolis in 27 minutes? Yes, if you’re on hyperloop

Buckle up: A new high-speed form of transportation is emerging. And it’s time for South Dakota to consider getting on board.

5 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: Honoring The Architect of Modern Sioux Falls

The man whose vision and design work created some of the most iconic buildings in modern Sioux Falls history has died.

6 months ago

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