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Jodi’s Journal: Downtown is key to COVID recovery

As workers are slow to return and businesses need customers, downtown needs support to help position Sioux Falls for the best COVID recovery.

5 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: A time for simple acts of goodness

During a dark time, simple acts of goodness mean more than ever.

6 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: Saying thanks at Smithfield is a start toward building community

We kept it low-key but it seemed to speak volumes — saying a simple “thank you” to the employees of Smithfield.

6 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: A message to the class of 2020

Class of 2020: Embrace what can happen when you throw out the plan.

7 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: The anything but ‘back to normal’ plan

What does a “back to normal” plan look like? This might be a good place to start.

7 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: The little biotech company that could beat COVID-19

Have you been encouraged by the use of plasma to treat COVID-19? Then you need to know what’s being developed in your own backyard.

7 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: Defining the Sioux Falls brand

The Sioux Falls community has a new logo. But its brand is about to be defined by how we handle this crisis.

7 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: Woster wisdom to start the work week

He’s one of a kind, with the sort of take on life we all could use this week. Enjoy this simple wisdom from our friend, Jim Woster.

8 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: At three-year business mark, a reminder of why media matters

At our three-year business mark, the need for strong media organizations has never been more powerful. Thank you for all your support!

9 months ago

Jodi’s Journal: Amazon’s cashier-less grocery store is sign of industry disruption

Enter the grocery store, shop and leave without standing in line or swiping a card? That’s Amazon’s latest grocery prototype — and one of many signs this industry is changing fast.

9 months ago

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