What does accessibility in higher education really mean? These four things

This is what it looks like when higher education is truly more accessible: From your location to level, learning style and time.

3 weeks ago

Need a little January jump-start? This program is for you

If you’re ready to create fitness habits that last, you need a January jump-

start. This program will get you there.

3 weeks ago

Family business meetings: What to do, what to avoid

The family meeting: It’s a valuable experience if you’re a family business, but it takes the right approach.

3 weeks ago

What’s included in new COVID relief, extenders, spending authority legislation

What does the new COVID relief legislation mean for you? Whether you’re asking as an individual or a business, this will give you the answer.

3 weeks ago

Like Minervas salmon? You’ll love this new dish

One of the newest dishes at Minervas in downtown Sioux Falls brings the restaurant’s famed salmon into a pasta dish.

3 weeks ago

The building trends, technology, products driving next year’s design, construction projects

How we use space: At work, at home, inside, outside. It’s all changed in the last year — and it’s their job to understand what it all means for building projects in the year ahead.

3 weeks ago

Avera Research charts new courses to help communities

Medical research can take a lot of forms — these two programs go beyond gathering data to offer change in the lives of Native Americans.

3 weeks ago

DSU College of Business and Information Systems takes on artificial intelligence, disruptive technologies

A new year is a great time to learn about the technology of tomorrow. Enjoy this fascinating insight on artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies courtesy of the experts at DSU.

3 weeks ago

Artist’s legacy will live on with help from new fund supporting the arts

A new charitable fund established in memory of local art legend Carl Grupp is aiming to inspire young artists and ensure that local creativity continues to thrive.

3 weeks ago

It’s possible: Eat, drink and be merry — while still keeping nutrition in mind over the holidays

“Don’t allow food to have power over your enjoyment during this holiday season!” Take the power back with this great advice for the week ahead.

4 weeks ago

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