Click Rain puts emphasis on family

Oct. 3, 2019

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While “culture” has become a bit of a buzzword, it’s nothing new at Click Rain. Since its inception in 2008, the company has focused on innovation not only in their industry of digital marketing but also in how they treat their people, clients and community. One area that has become extremely valued by the company’s almost 40 employees is its focus on supporting family life with some unique benefits.

Paid maternity and paternity leave

At Click Rain, it has become really common to have staff members adding new babies to their families. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, just 12 percent of U.S. non-government workers have access to paid family leave. Click Rain offers maternity and paternity paid leave to team members, which also covers adoption.

“Our adoption journey took a long time, and it was hard to know when a baby might arrive. We had hoped and prayed, and ended up having one month’s notice until we brought a baby home,” said Carissa Schoffelman, vice president of administration. “Click Rain’s support of building our family this way allowed me to have a sense of peace and calm despite the uncertainty of timing. The paid time off, practical gifts of support and words of encouragement from co-workers elevated our adoption experience to a whole new level.”

Maternity/paternity leave re-entry gifts

The transition back to work after paternity or maternity leave can be tough, both mentally and physically. Click Rain understands that. To help ease new parents into their new routines, Click Rain gifts them with either a week of prepared meals or a house cleaning service — their choice.

“We know that the more we can do to support our people, the more able they will be to contribute to our business,” said CEO Natalie Eisenberg. “This is just one small way we do that in what might be a pretty stressful stage in their lives.”

Flex time

Supporting family life isn’t limited to parents on staff at Click Rain. The company offers “flex time” to allow any staff member extra flexibility to go to appointments, attend school activities or deal with unexpected life events. Team members can “flex” up to two hours without using any paid time off. The only requirement is that they make up that time during the week when it’s most convenient for them.

“It’s nice to not have to worry about using my PTO when I need to run to a doctors’ appointment. They can be stressful and hard to get scheduled in the first place, so I appreciate having Click Rain support my health and well-being through flex time,” said Jada Entringer, account strategist.

Work remote

Click Rain employees also work remotely as needed. Whether a team member simply needs to oversee a contractor at his or her home, has a sick child or it’s a snow day, Click Rain team members don’t have to choose work over home and family.

“Being a working mom is challenging. At Click Rain, I can be a mom and a professional,” said Rachael Weiland, director of account services. “The ability to work remote has been a huge benefit for our family. If I end up on the other side of town for an appointment, I can easily work from there instead of wasting time driving back downtown.”

Making people feel valued and respected is at the heart of Click Rain’s culture and will continue to be as the company grows. Not only are these benefits offered, but also team members are encouraged to use them so that they can be the best version of themselves both at home and at work.

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Click Rain puts emphasis on family

Paid maternity and paternity leave are great benefits, but how about an employer that helps clean your house or prepare meals? Check out what a true family-friendly workplace looks like.

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