Considering GreatLIFE membership? Now’s the time

This piece is presented by GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness.

There’s definitely never been a better time to join GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness.

New members pay no money down and no enrollment fee on any 12-month membership good at any GreatLIFE location.

GreatLIFE’s Kayla Waldner, membership sales and social media coordinator, knows the benefits of GreatLIFE membership as well as anyone. She’s a Crooks native, SDSU grad and definitely living the GreatLIFE. We caught up with her to learn more about everything GreatLIFE members can experience.

How did you get connected to GreatLIFE?

My original connection with GreatLIFE stems back to simple word of mouth. When I was attending college in Brookings, I started working out at their gym. I really enjoyed the diversity of people coupled with the positive energy. This ultimately led to submitting my application for a part-time position. It was truly the best of both worlds — I could work in an enjoyable atmosphere and save money on a membership all at the same time!

Describe GreatLIFE in three words.

Welcoming. Empowering. Affordable.

What do you think people are surprised to learn about GreatLIFE?

I think that people are most surprised by the realization that something amazing is happening. With this membership, you’ll push past your physical boundaries with an open mind. GreatLIFE offers endless options. Some of these conveniences include free bowling, movies, child care, group fitness and discounts to various businesses throughout Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas. I watch members turn doubt into security and strangers into friends! We have so much to offer to both individuals and families for a phenomenal value.

To see the full list of weekly offers, click here.
For all other member benefits, view our member benefits page.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Among the many great aspects of my job, my predominant favorite is certainly the privilege of being surrounded by people who are enthusiastic and motivated about fitness. Getting to interact with like-minded individuals is something that I am extremely passionate about. There is something inherently great about people who have the desire to challenge their body and change their life.

If people are considering a GreatLIFE membership, what’s the best next step?

I recommend that they come into one of our staffed locations — Woodlake or Performance Center — to sign up for a membership. Potential members can also email me at to set up a meeting or tour time at the Woodlake location,  where I can answer any additional questions they may have.

Whether people are joining GreatLIFE or current members, GreatLIFE social media can provide great information. Part of your role involves coordinating social media. What kind of approach do you try to take with social media, and how can people follow GreatLIFE on social media?

GreatLIFE is constantly looking for new members. However, this perspective for growth doesn’t make us lose sight of our mission to keep the current members happy. Through sharing content on various social media platforms, online viewers and members of the community can see all the daily events happening at the different locations. We are dedicated to staying connected with our community, and I believe that social media is the most-effective way to accomplish that and reach out.

Following GreatLIFE on social media is simple:

  • Facebook: @JoinGreatLIFE
  • Instagram: joingreatlife
  • Twitter: @joingreatlife
  • LinkedIn: GreatLIFE Golf and Fitness

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Considering GreatLIFE membership? Now’s the time

There’s definitely never been a better time to join GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness. Kayla Waldner, membership sales and social media coordinator, explains why.

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