CrossFit Phos coach opens her own gym

By Rosemary McCoy

After starting as a CrossFit member and then becoming a coach, Megan Randall now has her own gym.

She bought FAF CrossFit in April and is moving and renaming the gym this week. CrossFit Phos West will be at 101 N. Kiwanis Ave. in a former NAPA Auto Parts building.

Randall got her start with the strength and conditioning program at CrossFit Phos East four years ago and became a certified coach in 2015. The ownership of the two gyms is separate, but Randall is using Phos’ branding and programming. Members will be able to use either gym.

CrossFit Phos members participate in hourlong workouts of the day as a group led by a coach. They perform a high-intensity drill for a few minutes and switch to another activity. CrossFit programs include weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, cardio and plyometric activities.

Randall said one of the biggest challenges is getting people to realize that “it’s not the CrossFit that you see on TV. It’s not the CrossFit Games. This is about staying active and getting fit. Absolutely anyone can do it.”

The daily classes are a mix of people from those just starting to exercise to college athletes, Randall said. She and the three other coaches adjust the preprogrammed workouts of the day for each member, switching one activity for another.

CrossFit Phos West will offer free classes in September. People can come as often as they like, Randall said. On weekdays, the gym typically offers a class in early morning, one over the lunch hour and one or two in early evening. On Saturdays, there is a class in the morning.

The gym is open only during class times, but Randall is adding another fitness studio in the building that can be accessed 24/7. Pure Fitness will offer cardio equipment and weights. As part of their membership, Phos members can use the studio to supplement their workouts of the day or if they can’t make it to a class.

CrossFit Phos West charges $129 a month for unlimited classes and access to Pure Fitness, with a discount for multiple-month purchases. A Pure Fitness-only membership is $29 a month.

The gym also offers CrossFit Kids. There’s a 30-minute session for preschoolers that focuses on having fun and being active through playing games, Randall said. For those age 6 to 12, the focus is still having fun but it’s a little more structured, using more of the CrossFit movements, she said.

Megan Randall

For Randall, having her own gym is the culmination of her journey. She was involved in athletics growing up, but as an adult trying to stay in shape, she started getting bored going to fitness centers. “I didn’t like trying to figure out what to do every day.” She found CrossFit and “fell in love.”

Randall said coaching was a natural fit for her, and for a while, she did that and ran a wedding-planning business, Gala by Megan. Making the full-time commitment to having her own gym was a “no-brainer.”

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CrossFit Phos coach opens her own gym

After starting as a CrossFit member and then becoming a coach, Megan Randall now has her own gym.

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