Customized approach to health, wellness sets Grand Living apart

May 2, 2018

This piece is presented by Grand Living at Lake Lorraine.

Supporting health and wellness is a key element of the experience delivered at Grand Living at Lake Lorraine.

With daily fitness activities, outstanding meals and a host of programs dedicated to overall emotional well-being, it was the perfect fit for Joy Backes, the new director of health and wellness at Grand Living.

Tell us about your background and what attracted you to Grand Living?

The very first time I walked inside the community, it felt like home. From the residents and staff welcoming me as I walked through the front door, to the smell of the delicious food in the Bistro, and the warm feeling emanating from the fireplaces, this community gave me the best feeling, and I knew I’d be honored to be a part of this atmosphere. Every day since, the feeling has remained.

What have been your initial impressions of the Grand Living community?

Wow! The feeling I felt upon entering the first time – and how I have felt entering each day since – it’s just felt right. It is so welcoming. I remember texting my husband right after my first visit and saying “Oh my goodness. I love this place.” Our residents love meeting new friends, new members of our team and each other’s families.

You oversee health and wellness at Grand Living. What are some of the unique ways Grand Living helps people maintain health and wellness?

Our health and wellness program focuses significantly on specialization of customized services, through education and initiatives. My team and I encourage healthy habits for overall wellness. We work hard to inspire and empower our residents to take responsibility for their own health; at the same time, we have a nurse available 24/7, and a fitness coordinator that leads classes and workouts daily. Overall, we are highly committed to diligently bringing a sense of full support of the health and wellness of our residents.

Emotional well-being is a big part of wellness too. How does Grand Living address that?

Grand Living staff all help with our resident’s emotional well-being each day. Our staff strive to meet the demands of our residents in the most positive ways possible, with the goal to keep our residents functioning at the highest level they are capable and with dignity. Being emotionally well is more than just managing everyday stress. It also involves being attentive to our resident’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Ultimately, Grand Living promotes many different programs so life can be enjoyable for our residents.

What’s the biggest surprise you find people have when they discover Grand Living?

Most people that tour our building are very surprised with the hospitality our community provides to our residents and guests. Our culinary team is exceptional and presents amazing features throughout each day. Others seem to be impressed with our Facets program. They usually comment on how the daily schedule has such a variety of activities and social events. Finally, guests are consistently pleased with our exceptional value.

Are there any new programs or activities you’re excited to be starting this spring?

This spring, we will be opening our second Luminations neighborhood, Lavender Lane. While our other Luminations neighborhood, Monarch Lane, is mixed gender, Lavender Lane is reserved for women only. This secure area will serve 14 women in need of a secure memory care environment. This will include 24/7 staff and a calendar full of activities geared specifically toward residents’ hobbies and enjoyments in their daily lives.

If people want to find out more about Grand Living, what should they do?

Our team is available to answer any questions about our signature programs. Tours are available seven days a week. Please call 605-799-1900 or place an inquiry online at We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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Customized approach to health, wellness sets Grand Living apart

With daily fitness activities, outstanding meals and a host of programs dedicated to overall emotional well-being, Grand Living was the perfect opportunity for Joy Backes, the new director of health and wellness.

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