Dakota State University’s new visual identity represents the past and future of DSU

May 3, 2019

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As Dakota State University continues to reimagine higher education, the institution is also redefining its visual identity: An identity that is reflective of the trajectory of change the university has been on for the past several years. A look and feel that pays tribute to the rich heritage of the school, while honoring where the university is headed in the future.

Dakota State University President José-Marie Griffiths stated, “We are a comprehensive university on an inspirational and world-changing trajectory to be a forward-thinking, innovative, technology-fueled organization that fosters true innovation, active engagement, and global impact in teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and service.”

President Griffiths initiated the idea of a new visual identity to better differentiate the school and showcase the transformational growth of the university. In order to guarantee that the new visual identity and brand elements reflect the character, nature, temperament, and values of Dakota State, months of research were conducted.

A leadership committee was formed to oversee the project and input was taken from the community, alumni, faculty, and staff. The group landed on a new logo: a single “D” surrounded by a hexagon.

President Griffiths stated, “DSU has a special breadth and depth of support, commitment, and engagement unique to this institution and its communities, which includes a host of individuals who are dedicated, driven, disciplined, dynamic, determined, and distinctive.”

The logo combines modern elements with a hint of tradition – demonstrating the school’s tradition while staying true to its heritage. The hexagon is a building block – representing community and unity.  The hexagon is the strongest shape found in the nature. A familiar hexagon – the elements which make up the honeycomb – is the most efficient shape and structurally stable. A small hexagonal grid is stronger and more cohesive than one made of squares ten times its size.

Along with the logo, the signature DSU colors – blue and yellow – were also changed. The school’s new colors, “Trojan Blue,” “DSU Blue,” and gray, will distinguish the university throughout the region. The shades of blue and gray symbolize the many aspects of DSU.

“We believe we have successfully, and hopefully for some time to come, coalesced as a university around a solid and significant organizational brand that articulates our missions and visions, our goals and objectives, honors our past, describes our present, and lays out the path towards the future,” President Griffiths stated.

Dakota State University remains the Trojans, with the entire school uniting under its strength.

Being a DSU Trojan is not just for the athletics teams, or as a DSU fan. The mascot was deemed perfect for the university because of the many parallels between the Trojans and Dakota State.

For over a decade, and long periods both before and after the Trojan War, the Trojans kept well-trained, well-equipped, multiple enemies at bay and continued to not only live but to thrive. The Trojans were able to do so for all those years because they aggressively used and expanded the technologies of the day.

The end result? A DSU brand that portrays the inclusive, visionary, contemporary, and passionate nature of the entire DSU community of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

“DSU’s strong brand strategy has the power to unite. As a national leader in computer and cyber education, DSU is taking steps to build a brand better-aligned with our goals for growth, while staying true to our heritage and traditions. We are delighted to be unveiling a visual identity brand that we believe authentically represents and communicates multiple aspects of who and what DSU is, what we do and will be doing in the future,” said President Griffiths.

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Dakota State University’s new visual identity represents the past and future of DSU

As Dakota State University continues to reimagine higher education, the institution is also redefining its visual identity

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