EmBe Tribute to Women nominations are open: Consider recognizing someone you know

Jan. 15, 2020

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More than 328 women, men and organizations have been honored over the past 47 years with an EmBe Tribute to Women award. Do you know someone who should be next?

“Being nominated is such meaningful recognition,” EmBe CEO Karen Lundquist said. “It’s incredible to see the impact that our nominees have in the community!”

The annual recognition event will be April 23, but first nominations are needed. If you’re considering nominating someone this year, here’s what you should know.

The back story

EmBe’s Tribute to Women event can be traced back to none other than legendary entrepreneur Sylvia Henkin.

She attended a national YWCA event and “experienced the momentum that builds from simply shining a light on the dedicated women with a vision for community building,” Lundquist said.

“EmBe is honored to hold true to this spirit while growing this legacy, honoring the incredible achievements. Tribute raises funds for our daily work as well as our giving back, complementing other awards that focus on business success.”

The nominations

Nominees can be recognized in nine categories:

  • Business Achievement – A women in business or a professional trade, including areas such as sales and marketing, or people engaged in entrepreneurial or innovative endeavors.
  • Banking & Finance – A women who contributes to the success of the financial industry, whether through banking, accounting, financial planning or investment.
  • Community Service – An outstanding woman who gives freely of her time and talents to a nonprofit entity, human interest or social service organization.
  • EmBeliever Award – A man, woman, or business that demonstrates the mission of EmBe to enrich our community by empowering women and families.
  • Government & Law – A woman serving in local, state or federal government, or in law, politics or military service.
  • Health care & STEM – A woman in the field of health care, science, technology, engineering, math or similar fields.
  • Humanities & Education – A woman working in education, culture, arts, music, literature, philosophy or religion.
  • Sylvia Henkin Mentoring Award – A woman who has dedicated herself to mentoring other women in their personal/professional lives. Women age 50-plus are eligible for the Sylvia Henkin award.
  • Young Woman of Achievement – A woman between the age of 21 and 35 with community service and professional success to indicate both current leadership and her potential for extraordinary leadership and service.

Tribute nominees and winners range from young entrepreneurs to established business professionals to people improving the community’s quality of life through their work.

“A strong nomination really captures the person as a whole, sharing what sparks their passions, the impact they make and the credibility of experience, education or other accomplishments,” Lundquist said. “Imagine that you are introducing them to a group they have never met.  And don’t hesitate to get their insight too!”

Any person, corporation, agency, civic organization, school or place of worship can submit a nomination.

Nominations are open and can be submitted until Feb. 25. The process is simple and can be done online in 30 minutes or less, Lundquist added.

“Preparing the best nomination may take more time,” she said. “We suggest you sit down and review the nomination form, save your form and think about your answers offline and then complete the online form when you’re ready. It may be helpful to create and edit your nomination in a word processing program and then cut and paste into the nomination form.”

EmBe has published more details about the process as well as examples of good nominations “to make sure it is a transparent, empowering process,” Lundquist said. “We believe being nominated is already a win!”

The winners

EmBe Tribute winners come from organizations of all sizes and from all stages of their careers. There also are opportunities for men and businesses to be nominated through the Embeliever award, which recognizes women, men and organizations that enrich EmBe’s mission in the community by empowering women and families.

All nominations are kept anonymous by removing names and identifying references. Each category is judged by a group of volunteer judges using a 40-point scoring rubric with four categories: leadership, growth, achievement and contribution to community:

  • Leadership. Is the individual an effective leader at work and in the community? What unique skills does she demonstrate?
  • Growth. How has the individual demonstrated continued learning? Acquiring new skills?
  • Achievement. What personal and professional milestones has this individual garnered?
  • Contribution to community. How has the individual made a difference in the community, whether in business, volunteer efforts or in other ways?

Community leaders serve a judges and are assigned categories that match their expertise without making impartiality difficult.

Most winners live in the Sioux Falls metro area – Minnehaha, Lincoln, Turner and McCook counties.

This year, EmBe is inviting some past recipients to participate in the awards.

“We think that adds meaning and depth, and makes it clear that Tribute is about the community,” Lundquist said.

The event

The Tribute To Women event begins with a 5 p.m. social at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, followed by a 90-minute program beginning at 7 p.m.

For information on tickets, click here.

“This is our second year in a new venue, and it has allowed us to bring even more empowering people together,” Lundquist said.Standing on the stage and seeing 1,000 people affirming that you have made a difference is often described as one of the most moving experiences of their lives.”

EmBe also would like to thank this year’s Tribute to Women lead sponsor, Avera.

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EmBe Tribute to Women nominations are open: Consider recognizing someone you know

More than 300 women, men and organizations have been honored over the past 47 years with an EmBe Tribute to Women award. Do you know someone who should be next?

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