Employers: Multi-Cultural Center’s job skills program could meet your needs

Dec. 10, 2018

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Submitted by the Multi-Cultural Center of Sioux Falls

The Multi-Cultural Center’s workforce development program is an expanded job skills program that provides interpreting and translating services, requires English language learning and serves as a liaison between the individuals we work with and their employers. This unique program takes into account the specific needs of immigrants and refugees.

Beyond the language barrier, many individuals from immigrant and refugee communities lack formal education and may be illiterate in their native languages. Our workforce development/job skills program includes translation services for interviews and, once hired, for job training if the employer agrees to this service.

We also concentrate on teaching immigrants and refugees how to complete pertinent job applications, write resumes and cover letters, and understand U.S. culture norms.

The goals of MCC’s workforce development program are to provide job skills training to immigrants and refugees in the Sioux Falls area and to help these individuals integrate successfully into the community and become self-sufficient to build a healthier version of themselves.

MCC provides the Sioux Falls region with workers for a variety of skill sets — entry level to those jobs requiring a more expansive skill set. Participants in our workforce development program take great steps toward self-sufficiency. Clients come away with a better understanding of U.S. culture, are empowered with tangible job and work-related skills, and attain increased English language proficiency. This has a positive effect in other areas, including area businesses benefiting from dedicated, qualified employees. Sioux Falls-area businesses also increase their customer base, creating a stronger, more diverse economy for all of our community.

Individuals from these populations must contend with several unique challenges that stand in the way of integrating successfully. Among these are language and cultural barriers, and their aggregate effects make finding and retaining employment extremely difficult. This reality affects access to housing and pertinent social services, and fosters social issues and isolation from the community at large.

MCC created a work development/job skills training program tailored to the needs of the individuals served, which includes extending our interpreting services expertise. Our staff works with each individual to determine and document education, languages spoken, previous work history, and talents, skills and aspirations that would pertain to work.

The most difficult hurdles to overcome are the language barrier and cultural differences. The other main difficulty is transportation to and from a job because the participant probably does not drive or have a car. The Sioux Falls region does not have an extensive bus or other public transportation system, which creates more difficulty for transportation as well. By offering support, we can provide proper bus training and English speaking skills to help communicate to persevere and grow past challenges.

MCC staff members connect with participants and employers after three months to see how work is going, if both parties are happy, if the participant has received a promotion or if there are any concerns. With the success of our workforce development program, we have created thousands of opportunities for individuals to have equal job prospects, which in return is the foundation to build self-sufficiency, higher-quality and higher-paying jobs, and healthier lifestyles. Adults have the opportunity to support their family, engage their children and become active members in our community.

Our workforce development program includes the following:

  • Provide English learning instruction with reinforcement in their native language.
  • Provide concrete job skills training in fields where job opportunities exist.
  • Provide other work-related skills that aid in successful integration, including resume writing, understanding the interview process, emphasizing respect for other cultures, providing assistance with transportation and teaching other aspects of U.S. culture, for example the importance of being on time and shaking hands.
  • Provide a long-term support system with program participants by following up after employment is secured.
  • Act as the liaison between employer and employee to ensure needs are being met.

To learn more, call 605-367-7401.

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Employers: Multi-Cultural Center’s job skills program could meet your needs

Employers: If you’d like help integrating new Americans into your workforce, this could be a program for you.

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