Escape-room business to add ‘rage rooms’

June 19, 2019

There’s a new way coming to vent your frustrations thanks to the city’s first “rage rooms.”

These stressing-reducing rooms have been all the rage in other cities and now are coming to Escapades.

The escape-room business at 3313 S. Western Ave. will offer two rage rooms to start.

It will rent the rooms to customers for 15 to 45 minutes. They will contain cinder block walls for throwing things and a few different pedestal-style areas to set things on for smashing. Customers can break, smash, bash and pulverize everything from dishes to household items such as computers, TVs and furniture using hammers, bats, golf clubs and even sledge hammers.

Different packages will allow customers to bring their own items or use those provided by Escapades.

For safety, customers will wear a helmet with full facial visor, gloves and overalls.

The rage rooms are expected to open this summer.


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Escape-room business to add ‘rage rooms’

There’s a new way to vent your frustrations coming thanks to the city’s first “rage rooms.”

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