Fitness center member turned instructor grows with GreatLIFE

April 10, 2019

This paid piece is sponsored by GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness.

When Karla Hjellming joined GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness almost five years ago, she was a single woman who liked all the options her fitness membership offered.

“What drew me to GreatLIFE was the different locations and the various classes and the amenities,” she said.

As time passed, Hjellming got married. Then, she had a daughter.

Her GreatLIFE membership benefits grew with her family.

“Child care is an awesome opportunity for me … a great, safe space (for my daughter) while I can focus on myself … or my husband and I can come work out together,” she said. “So it’s really turned into a family space for me.”

Her connection to GreatLIFE grew even more about a year ago when she became a yoga instructor.

She teaches a vinyasa class for beginners “that’s a mind-body flow that focuses primarily on your breath and linking that to movement” and a more advanced sculpt class “that’s a little fast-paced. We mix in cardio. There’s weights. We use blocks. It’s a whole-body fast 45-minute workout in the hot studio.”

As she gets to know other GreatLIFE members, Hjellming said she has realized anyone is a fit for a membership here.

“I would recommend GreatLIFE to anyone and everyone. There is something here for every single person: a yoga class, a group fitness class or individual workouts, personal training. The list goes on and on. There’s something here for you. Guaranteed.”

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Fitness center member turned instructor grows with GreatLIFE

From single to married and now a mom, this GreatLIFE member has found new benefits at the gym as her family has grown.

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