Five ways to change up your next Minervas meal

Oct. 2, 2018

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When a restaurant is as predictably great as Minervas, most of us are guilty of sticking with our favorites on the menu.

We get it – the cravings, the consistency, the undeniable appeal of tomato zucchini soup.

But with some expert advice from chef Bradley Herr, we’ve got some delicious ways to put a new twist on your next Minervas meal. 

Swap seafood mac and cheese with this.

Keep a few carbs with no skimping on the seafood when you discover the seafood risotto. It’s pan-seared jumbo scallops and shrimp, lobster and asparagus risotto with tomato, parmesan cheese and fresh lemon.

Filet lovers, double the flavor.

The 6-ounce filet mignon is one of the most popular items on the Minervas menu. If this is your go-to, Herr suggests trying the filet tournedos.

You’ll feast on two 4-ounce filets – one with blue crab, asparagus and hollandaise and the other with three-peppercorn sauce.

Cajun chicken linguine lover? Try this.

We understand sometimes there’s no substitute for a Cajun chicken linguine craving.

But give the coconut curry chicken a try. With jasmine rice, red onion, bell pepper, ginger and coconut curry sauce, you’ll still get your chicken, carbs, veggies and a little spice.

“If Cajun chicken linguine is your go-to, you’ll like this dish too,” Herr said.

Salmon fans: Expand your palate with this.

The honey pepper salmon is a customer seafood favorite for good reason.

But did you know Minervas is a wonderful source for other market-fresh fish?

“Twice weekly, I’ll call and get it flown in fresh,” Herr said. “Right now, we have a halibut, and every time we bring it in, we sell out. We offer it house-style, so you get your choice of sides.”

Fill your bowl with this.

Tomato zucchini lovers, we’re with you. But don’t let the signature soup stand in your way of discovering the other delicious soups that rotate daily.

Minervas just started a monthly soup calendar, so you always see the flavor of the day. You’ll still find clam chowder on Friday and cheesy bacon on Saturday, but in between make sure and try a bowl of chicken tortilla or beef barley!

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Five ways to change up your next Minervas meal

We know when it comes to Minervas, most of us have a go-to dish on the menu. If you like those, we think you’ll also love these.

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