Flyboy satisfies fans in Brookings with weekly delivery

March 21, 2018

This piece is presented by Flyboy Donuts.

Jackrabbits love doughnuts.

That was clear at SDSU Hobo Days this past fall, when Flyboy Donuts brought 1,200 donuts and 40 gallons of coffee and other hot drinks to an event sponsored by the SDSU Alumni Association.

About a month later, the SDSU Foundation placed a special order, and Flyboy decided to test the Brookings market.

“We decided to see if we could get a few more orders by posting on Facebook, just to make our trip worthwhile,” said Ben Duenwald, who owns the shop at 57th Street and Western Avenue. “We ended up with over 30 stops and 60 dozen doughnuts ordered.”

After a few equally busy trips, Flyboy forged a partnership with Bozieds. Brookings doughnut lovers can pick up orders at the gas station, and Bozieds also orders several dozen to sell.

“It’s gone very well,” owner Tom Bozied said. “We’ve sold more doughnuts than we ever could have imagined. … We usually sell out by the end of the day. If we don’t, we’ll do that (sell them as day-old) or eat them all ourselves.” His favorites are the ones with cream filling.

Bozied is seeing new faces in the store, including “parents and kids who come in and sit down and have milk and a doughnut before school.”

“The reaction has been great,” Duenwald said. “We love being able to bring our fresh doughnuts to Brookings each week. My little sister Christina works at Daktronics in Brookings and has done a great job of spreading the word about Flyboy. On one delivery day, we delivered over 30 dozen just to Daktronics.”

Deliveries arrive at 7 a.m. each Thursday at the gas station. Most people pick up orders at Bozieds, and they can be placed up until midnight the night before. Orders of more than $50 can be delivered to the customer.

“We are looking forward to spring weather and getting our food truck out and about again,” Duenwald said. “We are certainly open to regular deliveries to other communities but would need some local support with a location where people can pick up orders.”

If you have ideas for future Flyboy stops, email or contact Flyboy Donuts through Facebook Messenger.

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Flyboy satisfies fans in Brookings with weekly delivery

Jackrabbits love their doughnuts. Here’s how to find Flyboy in Brookings.

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