Four ways PODS Moving & Storage can save you time and money this moving season

Feb. 15, 2019

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You’ve seen them in driveways but likely know only part of what PODS can do for you.

As the national brand has grown in Sioux Falls, the options for helping move and store your belongings have too.

“We live in a world with Lyft and groceries delivered to your doorstep, and we’re bringing that same level of convenience and flexibility to moving and storage,” said Aaron Canfield, who brought the business to Sioux Falls in 2006.

“A lot of people associate PODS with seeing them around town, and they’re surprised when they learn everything we offer.”

Take a look at these four ways a POD can help you get moving this year.

On-site storage

This is the one you probably recognize. You can store belongings in a PODS brand container on your property on a month-to-month basis.

Many people love them for home-remodeling projects: Your belongings are safely out of the way, but you can access them any time you’d like.

The record for on-site storage? About three years. But we don’t recommend it – unless you have super-understanding neighbors.

PODS generally can do next-day or even same-day delivery, but a week’s notice is preferred during busy summer months.

Climate-controlled storage

This option is really useful – and many people are still finding out about it. Let’s say your house has sold, but your new one isn’t ready yet. You need a safe, clean place to store a bunch of your belongings.

It’s as easy as reserving a PODS container, filling it up at your home at your convenience and then letting PODS know when it’s ready to be picked up. It will be held in a climate-controlled storage center at 1801 N. Terin Circle, not far from Southeast Tech.

You can access your belongings free any time, and you can leave them there for as long as you would like. When you’re ready to have your items back, PODS will deliver them to your door.

Local moving

Did you find your next dream home in the Sioux Falls area? PODS makes in-town moving easy and flexible.

Again, the business will drop off the container at your home, and you can fill it with belongings after work, on the weekends or whenever you’ve got time. Customers find it’s more convenient than renting a DIY truck they might need to return in a short amount of time.

When you’re ready to go, PODS will pick up the container and move it to your new home on the day you want it moved.

Cross-country moving

As a national business, PODS has you covered for moving to another state too.

PODS Moving & Storage will deliver a container to the customer, pick it up once its filled and move it across the country.

Once the container is received in your new city, PODS will deliver it to your doorstep.

Businesses: If you’re helping employees relocate, this is the service for you!

To learn more about how to put PODS to work for your moving and storage needs, call 605-274-8151 or click here to get a quote and book online.

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Four ways PODS Moving & Storage can save you time and money this moving season

You’ve seen them in driveways but likely know only part of what PODS can do for you.

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