Framework investment portfolios offer simple, smart strategy

May 1, 2019

This paid piece is sponsored by The First National Bank in Sioux Falls.

“We began with the idea that starting with investments should be simple, transparent and have a low barrier to entry.”

Adam Cox, First National Bank’s executive vice president and chief wealth management officer, and his team wanted to provide a way for current bank customers to invest smartly for the long term.

The result was the recently launched Framework Investment Portfolios, or FIP, a new service from First National Wealth Management.

The wealth management team has a large portfolio of personal and institutional clients. The result is an investment team that thinks carefully about protecting and growing wealth. The same principles that guide our investments for the largest of our clients guide our philosophy around FIP.

“We ask our current and prospective clients what matters to them, how much risk they want to assume and what their time horizons are,” said Blake Gunderson, FIP administrator.

“When we understand that, we work with our investment team – the same team guiding all of our investments – to find the best portfolio to meet these goals. The portfolios are designed to help simplify the complex process of investment management.”

FIP is a way for new and current customers to invest what they can and begin their long-term financial planning with the safety and security of First National’s status as a fiduciary.

“We do things differently by putting clients first in order to build successful relationships that last,” Gunderson said. “Very few investment teams can offer that fiduciary stamp – it means that every decision included in the portfolio makeup has to come from a place of benefiting our clients. And when our clients achieve their goals, so do we.”

FIP also has the benefit of operating under a flat-fee structure of 0.85 percent of total assets.

“So many investment plans, funds and products have hidden fees that don’t depend on portfolio performance. We’re always surprised when we review investment portfolios from other brokerages or firms at the ‘small print’ fees that can sometimes reach three or four times ours. With FIP, it’s easy and transparent,” Gunderson said.

The FIP program has really caught on because almost anyone can open an account.

“If you’re just starting your financial journey, FIP is likely a great option for you. Relationships start at $10,000, and framework portfolios are a perfect way to put your traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs or investment accounts to work,” Gunderson said.

A wide variety of accounts can either be transferred or rolled over into the FIP program. Switching accounts is easy and pain-free.

“For the majority of accounts, all it takes is a quick meeting to sign and date the necessary documentation, and we take care of the rest,” Gunderson said.

It’s never too early to think about long-term investment and planning. As you consider your financial future, consider First National Wealth Management’s FIP program. It’s a way to make your funds work for you with a wealth management team that boasts the fiduciary stamp, a flat-fee structure and personalized approach to investment. Get started today by setting up an appointment with Blake Gunderson.

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Framework investment portfolios offer simple, smart strategy

“We began with the idea that starting with investments should be simple, transparent and have a low barrier to entry.” If you have $10,000 or more to invest, you need to learn more about this new, innovative opportunity.

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