Friends find fitness success through GreatLIFE

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Korena Chester and Cindy Trager were ready for a change.

The friends play volleyball together during the winter, but both knew they needed to become more active.

Korena Chester before joining GreatLIFE

Cindy Trager before joining GreatLIFE

Chester, a web engineer, found it hard to self-motivate at times. Trager, a trucking dispatcher, knew she needed more accountability.

So late last year, they decided to join GreatLIFE.

“I had talked to a few people who went, and when I looked into it, I liked all the options it presented and that it included fitness classes with the membership,” Chester said. “We decided it was something we both wanted to do, so we did it together and took the jump and haven’t looked back.”

The GreatFIT Challenge proved an ideal way to kick-start their efforts.

It’s a six-week, $100 program that provides a consistent, well-rounded approach to getting – and staying – fit.

“We get together once a week and do a last-chance workout and a weigh-in,” said Nick Ovenden, director of fitness. “They meet with a trainer, and there’s individual challenges throughout the week, plus nutrition guidance. They have basically all aspects of their workout taken care of within that six weeks.”

Participants compete in teams based on which GreatLIFE facility they use to earn a traveling trophy based on weight loss and completing activities throughout the week.

“It’s for people who just need a jump-start,” Ovenden said. “We’ve had great results. We’ve had people lose 20, 30 pounds, but more than that it’s the behavior change. We’re changing the thought process on how to get fit and stay with it.”

Chester and Trager with their GreatLIFE trainer.

For Chester and Trager, GreatFIT was an immediate great fit.

“It gave you a goal for each day, which was helpful, and so was the nutrition,” Trager said. “You can work out all you want, but you still probably have to change eating habits or you won’t succeed right away.”

She used an app to keep a food diary and found the accountability she had been seeking.

Working with their trainer, Austin, at GreatLIFE Fitness Club at 39th and Phillips, Trager and Chester also found new motivation.

“He listened to my overall goals and made me push harder and guided us through nutrition and workouts,” Chester said. “If we were traveling, he was there for us. And it really helps you when you have people behind you encouraging you.”

About nine months after joining GreatLIFE, both are raving about their results. Chester estimates she’s lost 30 pounds – and about two-thirds came during the GreatFIT challenge. Trager lost 55 pounds.

“I feel way better,” Trager said. “It’s sure nice to go back in my closet and go, ‘Hey, I can wear this again!’ It’s been long enough some of those styles might be back in!”

The win got even bigger when Chester and Trager’s team ended the GreatFIT challenge by landing the team trophy.

They plan to continue working out with GreatLIFE. Chester already has signed up for the next GreatFIT challenge, which begins Sept. 28.

“It really boosted our program and helped us lose more weight and achieve our goals a lot faster,” she said. “I don’t have much to lose anymore, but if I can help motivate or encourage even one person with their goals, I’ve already won.”

Participants can register at any GreatLIFE facility or come to the kickoff at 6 p.m. Sept. 28 at GreatLIFE Woodlake Athletic Club. For more information, click here.

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Friends find fitness success through GreatLIFE

Two friends credit a six-week GreatLIFE program for helping them drop pounds and get fit.

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