“Fruit Baby” is Fruit Club super fan

Braysen was barely 4 months old when he tasted his first strawberry.

“It was one of his first foods, and he gummed it to death,” said Braysen’s mom, Marie.

“It was dripping through every finger you can imagine. You know how big those strawberries are. It covered his whole face.”

fruit club baby

In the year that followed, Braysen’s taste for fruit only grew.

Marie, who runs a daycare in North Dakota, is a frequent Fruit Club customer.

“I always buy extra fruit and cut it up and freeze it so they get the good stuff,” she said. “I think I have two bags of peaches left. I used the fruit in oatmeal a couple times a week or in yogurt, too.”

But then came the return of The Fruit Club strawberries.

And Braysen remembered them instantly.

“He ate two tubs the first night,” Marie said. “The whole case lasted maybe five days. He would just scream at the fridge for more strawberries. He wouldn’t eat other food.”

The next time The Fruit Club delivered, Marie left with five cases.

“You just meet people in the long line, and everyone is so friendly, and you talk to everybody and get ideas about what they do with their fruit. Some of them make pies. I don’t have time to do that because my kids eat it all.”

Sure enough, Braysen was chowing down in the car on the way home. He devoured two cartons in about 12 hours.

fruit club baby

“He’s only 1, but he does a backbend and screams at the top of his lungs for more strawberry,” Marie said. “That’s the only food he does it with. I’m excited to see what he does with the pineapple.”

Mom, too, is sold on The Fruit Club.

“I don’t eat strawberries. I can’t stand them,” Marie said. “And these were the first I would eat because they’re not bitter. Same with pineapple. I don’t like pineapple ever since I went to Aruba and had a real one, but I like Fruit Club because it’s so much fresher and sweeter.”

To reserve strawberries in March or pineapple in April, visit thefruitclub.net.


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“Fruit Baby” is Fruit Club super fan

Meet 1-year-old Braysen, a Fruit Club super fan.

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