Generic to genuine: Gift cards done right

Nov. 23, 2020

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This was going to be the year.

The one in which you nailed gifts for your loved ones, co-workers and clients.

The one when they all said: “Wow! You’re really good at this.”

But, in spite of your best efforts, perfect gift ideas have yet to materialize. There were some promising possibilities, but every one of your Google searches came back with some form of bad news: out of stock, too pricey, too cheap or too vague on shipment dates. Who can plan around “ships in one to two months”?

Gift cards are looking more and more like your best option, but if you go that route, will your recipients think you’re being impersonal? Generic? Or worst of all, lazy?

Chances are, they’ll still appreciate your effort, but we’ve listed a few simple tips to take gift cards from generic to genuine.

  • Choose wisely. It’s obvious but still worth the reminder: Select a gift card that respects your recipients’ needs and supports their interests. In other words, don’t buy a gift card to for someone who’s allergic to nuts or one for a floral arrangement when your recipient sneezes at the sight of lilies. Choosing wisely communicates that you’re paying attention and goes a long way toward making the gift personal.
  • Shop small. If possible, support a local business. You’ll feel good doing it, and the small-town touch will make your gift feel that much more special.
  • Lean slightly impractical. “Impractical” meaning luxuries recipients likely won’t buy for themselves. Sure, gift cards to Target and Walmart are great, but, in spite of their best intentions, your co-workers and loved ones are likely to end up using those on disinfecting wipes and freezer waffles.
  • Consider an experience. A gift doesn’t always need to yield a thing. It can be just as meaningful to send your co-worker to the movies or your parents to dinner. 2020 has been particularly marked by anxiety. How could your gift help your recipients escape for a few moments?
  • Wrap it. A nice box, beautiful paper, ribbons and bows — go all out just like you would have if that cashmere scarf had been in stock. This can work for e-cards too. If possible, print the receipt on high-quality paper, and wrap it.
  • Write a note. The thought counts even more when it’s expressed by a heartfelt, handwritten note. Don’t miss the opportunity to let your recipient know what you appreciate most about him or her.

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Generic to genuine: Gift cards done right

They’re the most-requested gift, but are you caught in a gift card quandary? Here’s how to find the ideal one for everyone on your list.

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