Get a sneak peek at Sanford’s Imagenetics building

By Jodi Schwan

Sanford is on schedule to start moving into its new Imagenetics building at the end of August.

“We’re on time and according to plan,” director of facilities Kris Denevan said.

Employees will start training in the building in September, and the plan is to see the first internal medicine patient Oct. 9.

The $42 million, 106,000-square-foot building sits on the southern edge of the Sanford USD Medical Center at 22nd Street and Grange Avenue on a former parking lot and residential area.

The building is unique in health care, Sanford leaders said. It combines internal medicine physicians with a genetics clinic and laboratory to deliver personalized care.

“When we first started to talk about what this meant and how to implement this vision, it’s not like we could find a model out there,” said Jan Haugen-Rogers, senior executive director of Imagenetics and pediatrics.

“There are places that have tried to bring together what it means to deliver personalized care, but to have a location to point to is unique.”

The project’s architect is Koch Hazard in partnership with HDR’s Omaha office. The general contractor is Henry Carlson Co.

“Imagenetics is really about innovation, so we’ve taken the Sanford architectural look and been more innovative in how we deliver that,” Haugen-Rogers said.

The building’s focal point is an interior courtyard surrounded by windows. It is designed as a gathering area for patients and families as well as a community education space. Stairs built into part of the courtyard will be used to seat attendees at Sanford’s community lecture series, which will move to the Imagenetics building from the health system’s headquarters in northeast Sioux Falls.

“There will be opportunities in the courtyard for people to learn more about genetics and what it means to them … to help people become more comfortable with genetics and how it could pertain to their family,” Haugen-Rogers said.

The building also will be used for professional education, with classroom space for Sanford physicians as well as genetic counseling students from nearby Augustana University.

“And in the future, we expect we’ll have nursing and medical students getting specific genetics classes, so we’re very excited about that space,” Haugen-Rogers said.

The building includes 60 exam rooms in a new format that’s designed to easily connect patients from the waiting area to the exam room, with space in the room for families and for tests such as height and weight.

Additional services in the building include a medical genomics laboratory that will combine labs from several other buildings in one space, increasing size and efficiency.

An enlarged dialysis area will allow growth from 19 to 28 stations in a layout designed for patient comfort and privacy.

The new building will open up space in several other Sanford facilities, but a plan to backfill isn’t done yet.

“We’ve got a lot of ideas but haven’t finalized that plan yet,” Denevan said.

Sanford Imagenetics

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Get a sneak peek at Sanford’s Imagenetics building

Sanford is on schedule to start moving into its new Imagenetics building at the end of August.

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