Global animal feed company expands to Canton location

April 9, 2020

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Kevin Van Beek, a seasoned South Dakota livestock producer, doubles as a global innovator.

His company, Advanced Ag Products, specializes in the development of natural extractives and essential oil-based products that have been designed to enhance animal performance and the health of food-producing animals.

The business recently  purchased a 37,000-square-foot building in Canton that has been remodeled to manufacture animal feed and supplements. In the newly renovated facilities, AAP manufactures and markets its livestock, aquaculture, pet and companion animal products.

AAP’s innovative team of scientists and animal feed specialists has developed a signature platform of products. With the implementation of unique manufacturing technologies, the company has developed a scientific approach to improving animal performance and the overall well-being of animals.

“A combination of natural extractives, essential oils and other proprietary ingredients have been scientifically formulated with a unique manufacturing process to deliver products that have a positive impact on animal performance,” Van Beek said.

“We have been a little ahead of our time in the animal feed industry in our approach to animal feed and ingredients.”

Since the 1990s, Van Beek and his team have been developing and researching animal feed ingredients and products that affect the entire animal’s ecosystem.  AAP’s approach has been to target and focus on the development of a platform of products to improve animal performance by concentrating on the gastrointestinal health of animals.

“We are indeed excited about the technology that we have developed, knowing that it has a positive impact on animal performance while providing a cost effective, economical approach for our customers feeding livestock,” Van Beek said.

The company has been shipping products throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Africa, and has begun shipping into the European Union.  With the company’s projected expansion, it plans to create approximately 15 jobs.

“Our livestock industry is only as productive as the health of our herd,” said Steve Westra, commissioner of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. “The innovative team of AAP has developed unique manufacturing technologies that benefit the overall health and performance of animals and aquaculture. We’re proud to have this company in South Dakota, and I look forward to seeing its continued success.”

Advanced Ag Products received a $787,500 Revolving Economic Development & Initiative Fund loan from the state to help with the purchase of the building, which used to be Legacy Electronics.

“Canton is a great location for our company,” Van Beek said. “There’s a lot of privately owned livestock in northwest Iowa, we’re not too far from the colonies in South Dakota and are centrally located for shipping.”

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Global animal feed company expands to Canton location

“We have been a little ahead of our time in the animal feed industry.” This innovative company now has a new home in Canton.

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