GreatLIFE, 3 Degrees launch partnership

This piece is presented by GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness.

GreatLIFE members, your benefits just got even better.

GreatLIFE has partnered with 3 Degrees to offer special discounts on sauna memberships.

“We love GreatLIFE,” 3 Degrees co-owner Tiffany Hansen said. “We partnered so their members can get $10 off any one of our three levels of membership.”

3 Degrees uses infrared technology to gently raise body temperature by three degrees, unlocking a host of health benefits.

“The benefits for what it does for athletes and people who like to work out is huge,” Hansen said. “It helps with muscle recovery and eases chronic pain to get people back in the gym sooner.”

Plus, a 40-minute sauna following a workout can help burn up to 600 additional calories “and keep that calorie burn going without strenuous exercise,” Hansen said.

Monthly memberships for 3 Degrees start at $49 for GreatLIFE members.

“3 Degrees fits our mission to make a difference in families’ and individual’s lives through golf, fitness and a healthy lifestyle,” said GreatLIFE’s Cindy Walsh. “It relieves stress and muscle pain, reduces toxins and makes you just feel great when you have completed a session.”

The original 3 Degrees location at 57th Street and Louise Avenue is a quick trip from GreatLIFE’s Woodlake Athletic Club. And east-siders soon will enjoy a new 3 Degrees location near 26th Street and Sycamore Avenue.

The sauna benefits are part of a huge package of offers available for GreatLIFE members. To learn more, click here.

Sauna business to expand to east side

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GreatLIFE, 3 Degrees launch partnership

Talk about a great — and healthy — way to escape the cold! GreatLIFE members, check out your latest benefit.

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