Growing law firm plans new building

By Jodi Schwan

Goosmann Law Firm is planning a new office building in south Sioux Falls.

It will be along South Minnesota Avenue near the entrance to the Grand Prairie neighborhood at 77th Street.

“We’re excited by the growth of Sioux Falls and the talent we’ve been able to add to the team,” CEO and managing partner Jeana Goosmann said.

The firm, which is based in Sioux City and also has an office in Omaha, expanded to Sioux Falls four years ago.

“I found myself working in Sioux Falls more and more, so the clients’ needs drove it, and the Sioux Falls economy is just expanding, and as a result the businesses are expanding and their legal needs expand with them.”

Goosmann has six attorneys in Sioux Falls and a dozen in the state.

The new building’s design is still being finalized. It will be less than 10,000 square feet but expandable.

“It will reflect our brand,” Goosmann said. “Our mission is ‘Worth it.’ It’s worth it for our clients to work with us and worth it for our team to be part of Goosmann, and in the lobby you’ll really be able to see that. It’s a very team-centered law firm where we rely on each other’s strengths for our clients to achieve their goals.”

The firm specializes in business law and representing professionals, she said.

“We work on their business plans, their employment issues, their trust and succession planning, and we have a lot of serial entrepreneurs or companies as clients that are constantly buying and selling.”

The model has been well-accepted in South Dakota, she said.

“I think it’s just a really strong fit between the culture of our office and our client-centered approach. We see what their goals are and make ourselves part of their team to help accomplish their goals,” Goosmann said.

“I think it’s a market differentiator and a little unique. We collaborate with their entire C-suite and their other outside professionals and really make ourselves part of their business.”

The new building sits on a lot large enough that it could hold a 30,000-square-foot office, she said.

“We bought a big lot to continue to expand and grow,” Goosmann said. “And it will have awesome access and parking, so it’s really easy for clients to come and meet with us. We’ll have three large conference rooms for presentations and workshops and large meetings.”

The plan is to break ground next spring and move in before the end of the year.

“The biggest thing is the building will reflect that we’re innovative, we have a team culture and we’re approachable,” Goosmann said.

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Growing law firm plans new building

Goosmann Law Firm is planning a new office building in south Sioux Falls.

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