Indoor sports complex opens on east side

If the first few weeks are any indication, SportGames Center will see plenty of demand for the indoor sports facilities it offers.

The building near Harmodon Park southwest of 41st Street and Veterans Parkway already has hosted multiple tournaments and is fielding many requests for practices and other events.

“People have been saying it’s so great to have on this side of town,” said owner Del Waltner, who has envisioned the facility for at least a decade.

He’s the owner of SportGames LLC, which began as Sport Court but grew to offer other sports equipment including wall and ceiling-mounted basketball hoops, batting cages and netting, volleyball equipment, scoreboards and simulators.

You’ll find all those at SportGames Center, which includes a regulation basketball court set up to be split into smaller courts and a turfed area “specially designed to not be abrasive but to be heavy-duty for play,” Waltner said.

“We don’t put any rubber infill in it, so we can take a simple vacuum and keep it clean, plus there’s basketball flooring underneath the turf, so when we do basketball or volleyball courts, we can get two courts in here.”

Users have compared the space to what’s used by MLB teams in training, he said. It also accommodates softball, soccer, lacrosse and “almost anything that would get played on turf in a smaller area,” he said.

The 22,000-square-foot building also includes a room with two different golf simulators, which likely will be popular with teams and waiting parents, he added.

“It’s something we can sell and show,” he said. A kitchen also supports special events, and the center already is being booked with birthday parties.

The sports facilities will be open for individuals to use soon. A website will allow booking and payment, providing users with a pass code to the building that can be used anytime.

“It can be virtually 24/7. We have cameras everywhere,” Waltner said.

He also has hired a director of operations, Paul Flores, who helped get the center ready for opening and will work with SportGames LLC in daily operations.

“He’s an extremely talented individual with numerous skill sets that have already left their mark on our SportGames Center,” Waltner said. “We’d still be a long way from opening if it wasn’t for him.”

Truks-N-Trykes shares the space. It’s the child care center’s third location and includes four classrooms for ages 2 to 12.

“We keep growing every day, and we pick up from three schools,” director Melissa Anderson said.

The arrangement is unique, because the child care center can use all the sports facilities in the building, she added.

“It’s amazing. I don’t think any other locally owned center has access to two full-court gyms,” she said. “It’s great. It gets the kids’ energy out, and some of the kids learn better through movement. So we bring the classroom to the gym.”

Truks-N-Trykes can accommodate more than 100 kids and can be reached at 371-9770.

SportsGames Center isn’t done with construction, either. The next phase is an outdoor sport court with basketball and a rebounder net for soccer, baseball and tennis, as well as a playground with turf under it.

The plan is to open both by the end of April.

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Indoor sports complex opens on east side

If the first few weeks are any indication, SportGames Center will see plenty of demand for the indoor sports facilities it offers.

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