JJ’s sets opening date, makes plans for current location

May 29, 2018

This piece is presented by JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars.

Moving Day is approaching fast at JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars, which plans to start selling in its new location June 13.

“It’s coming together well,” owner Tom Slattery said. “All the inventory that’s going inside is coming from the current location, so we’re trying to prep as much as we can.”

While they don’t have far to move – from just south of 57th and Western to 57th Street across from Vance Thompson Vision – it’s a lot of product to pack up. The store will close June 9 for the move.

“So we’re asking our customers to be patient as we transition,” Slattery said. “Things are a little chaotic in here with racks and boxes, but we’re still here to take care of your needs the next couple weeks and will have so much more to offer after that.”

JJ’s will start with retail sales in the new location and open its bar, kitchen and “boozy bakery” a couple of weeks later.

“My wife, Jean, has been busy training new cooks for the bakery, so we’ve been getting lots of samples to pass out, and people are really excited about what she’s doing,” Slattery said.

His full-time staff also is ramping up for opening. Paul Squyer, JJ’s bar manager and director of cocktail culture, “is forming a plan of attack for how we’re going to cultivate that culture,” Slattery said. “What he’s shown me has knocked it out of the park. People are going to be really impressed.”

As new JJ’s nears opening, meet some of its new leaders

JJ’s is in good shape with staff for now but is still accepting applications as positions might be added after opening.

It also will have some new neighbors soon, as strip mall construction continues at the development.

“JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars is going to be a fantastic anchor tenant for this development, and we’re excited for them to celebrate their opening,” property developer Norm Drake said. 

“This development is progressing very well, and construction on the nearby strip mall is on schedule, which will allow Cambria Gallery and Stone Center to move in later this summer. We continue to have solid interest in the other available spaces because of the highly visible location, and we expect to announce those tenants in the coming weeks.”

In the meantime, Slattery also is making plans for his current location.

He will continue to lease the space near 57th and Western, and will be announcing a new concept for it soon.

“We’re excited to share that soon,” he said. “After working through some regulatory processes, we’ll be bringing something interesting and fun to our current location that will allow us to also maintain our brand on this corner.”

There will be plenty of activity there too. Neighbor Starbucks plans to start a renovation to its space June 10, the day after JJ’s moves and reopen a couple of weeks later.

“I think there will be a lot of tears on this corner without booze or coffee for a few days,” Slattery joked.

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JJ’s sets opening date, makes plans for current location

Moving Day is approaching fast at JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars, which plans to start selling in its new location June 13.

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