Join Avera Health Plans’ 605 Day Challenge; support small businesses

May 27, 2020

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605 Day is June 5, a day to celebrate South Dakota. This year, it includes a weeklong challenge for you to help small businesses thrive and thank essential workers.

The Avera Health Plans 605 Day Challenge is a fun way to support local small businesses in cities across the Avera region. It will help both businesses and the front-line workers in health care and other essential industries working hard every day during the pandemic.

Avera Health Plans will buy gift cards from South Dakota small businesses and then give them to essential workers as a way to thank them for their dedication.

“It’s a great chance for us to show small businesses that we recognize the challenges they face. They are being hit hard during this pandemic,” said Jordan Anderson, vice president of sales with Avera Health Plans and DAKOTACARE. “This celebration the first week of June will also help us honor all those people working so hard in the midst of this tough time as they will be the recipients of the cards.”

Small gestures add up

Avera Health Plans has hosted small-business spotlight events in the past, including one focused on local businesses for the 2019 holiday season.

“It’s exciting to broaden our approach and go beyond Sioux Falls in our efforts this time,” Anderson said. “Avera Health Plans hopes to serve as a catalyst in the process, helping people who want to support small businesses know which ones are taking part as well as helping the honorees get the cards.”

Avera Foundation leaders around the region – including Aberdeen, Pierre, Sioux Falls and Yankton – also will help coordinate efforts.

“We work closely with a lot of businesses, and throughout these weeks of fear and anxiety, we continue to maintain our responsibilities to them,” Anderson said. “We realize a gift card is a small gesture, but it can help show those who are working so hard that we appreciate them. It reflects the compassion at the heart of the Avera mission as well.”

Community invitations

Avera Health Plans is hoping individuals and communities across South Dakota will join in this celebration of 605 Day.

“It’s a great way to help us lift up small businesses by buying gift cards that we can use as gifts for essential workers,” Anderson said. “Taking part as a supporter is simple for anyone who wants to take part. It’s a great way to celebrate the unique small businesses that are at the heart of our towns and cities.”

To jump in and help, click here. In taking this step, you’re helping a small business, thanking them with your purchase and at the same time telling an essential worker how much you appreciate their work.

“To make it official, I’m challenging everyone to join Avera Health Plans as we recognize the many unique, creative people who make up our small-business communities from border to border,” Anderson said. “We hope you will team up with us in this celebration and make the 605 Day Challenge a big success, with a wave of thanks to all those working so hard.”

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Join Avera Health Plans’ 605 Day Challenge; support small businesses

Avera Health Plans is celebrating 605 Day with a challenge: Support local businesses and thank essential workers at the same time.

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