Ketcham takes on leadership role at Legacy Developments

June 21, 2018

Daren Ketcham, the city’s former director of community development, has taken on a new position at Legacy Developments.

Ketcham resigned his role at the city in May. He began his new job as vice president at Legacy this week, with responsibilities including administration, strategy, development, company culture and communications.

Legacy CEO Norm Drake said he approached Ketcham about the opportunity in mid-April.

“I’ve gotten to spend quite a bit of time with Daren when he was at the city, and I got to see how he can lead a team and manage people and projects,” Drake said. “Once of the things that really drove this (at Legacy) was the complexity of the projects we’ve become involved with. The size of the projects are demanding much more of my time, so (we were looking for someone) who can take care of the company culture and administration roles of running the day-to-day operations.”

Legacy is working at various stages on 40 projects, mostly in the Sioux Falls area and Rapid City.

Ketcham, who grew up in a small family painting business, said the idea of working for another small, locally owned business is appealing.

“I made that connection with Norm right away,” he said. “The feel was right, and when he shared his vision for growth at the company, it was something I could buy into. I told my wife this will be my last career. It’s just that small-business feel I can get behind.”

Ketcham won’t be working on one of Legacy’s largest projects, however. The company is involved in the Village on the River mixed-use development under construction along 10th Street east of Phillips Avenue.

The city’s conflict-of-interest ordinance prohibits Ketcham from representing Legacy before the city or any public body for two years involving any project he worked on while employed there.

“It shouldn’t be an issue,” said Drake, noting that Legacy submitted proposals to the city on four requests for proposals while Ketcham was employed there and was awarded only one.

“I don’t see where there was any partiality, and he was always one vote out of a committee.”

Legacy also has adopted a conflict-of-interest policy for transparency and protection, he said.

“All owners, principals, managers, officers, agents and employees are required to disclose all real or perceived conflicts of interest,” he said.

Part of Ketcham’s role will include bringing in new business, Drake added.

“We try to keep a diversified portfolio,” he said. “It’s important we continue to stay balanced with retail, office, industrial, single-family and multifamily projects.”

Legacy currently is helping develop the next phases of Win Chill at Foundation Park, the downtown Lewis Drug and Sanford Health building, the Hidden Valley development on West 57th Street and retail activity at 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue.

“One of the things I liked about Legacy was making sustainable investments,” Ketcham said. “We’re not in it for the short term to flip properties. It’s a long-term commitment that permeates through a lot of things Legacy does. The loyalty and commitment to each other and their customers and investors is just fantastic.”

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Ketcham takes on leadership role at Legacy Developments

Former Sioux Falls city director of community development Daren Ketcham has taken a new position at Legacy Developments.

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