Lake Lorraine adds community director, prepares for additions

June 12, 2018

The latest addition to Lake Lorraine isn’t a new store, restaurant or office but a leader who is helping get the word out about the area.

Amy Smolik, a marketing veteran who previously worked at Augustana University and the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, is helping promote the growing development.

She filled us in on the latest changes there and what’s next for the property.

What are some new things happening at Lake Lorraine?

On June 15, Lorraine Place will officially be open. This closes the loop for drivers, who will now be able to easily access the shops on the east side of the lake and the businesses along Marion Road without having to turn around and backtrack from either spot.

We all know that it’s construction season, and there’s plenty of construction happening around the Lake Lorraine development, too, with Total Card Inc. slated to be completed this fall, the next phase of the east-side retailers underway, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop on Marion Road under construction and more announcements of projects to come. The next 18 to 24 months will be huge for Lake Lorraine, with more businesses being added and features added to the lake and Lake Walk.

What about the lake itself? What’s happening around there, and when can people start using the trail that’s being developed? 

The Lake Walk is a beautiful way to spend some time taking in nature in the middle of an urban space. The west side of the path is paved from The SandBar & Grill south to Grand Living at Lake Lorraine. You can continue walking around the lake, but it’s off the beaten path, so to speak. We’re talking about the next stage of development and how we can coordinate finishing the Lake Walk loop in conjunction with the construction taking place.

Lake Lorraine is a private lake, so there’s no public access. However, we’re talking with a variety of groups about events and activities they’d like to hold on the water and around the water at different times of the year. It’s all designed to bring people out to the lake for a unique user experience. Stay tuned, there’s definitely more to come!

There’s been lots of conversation about the old barn on the property. Any updated plans there?

That barn is such a unique structure, and we hope to be able to do something fun and functional with the space. We appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten from the public, which is overwhelmingly in favor of saving the barn in some way. It’s in a prime retail location, so where to put it and how to best use the barn is where we’re at right now. We want to ensure that we are able to follow through with the master plan for the lake and allow the barn to add to the overall exceptional user experience in whatever capacity we land on.

What’s your personal wish list for Lake Lorraine? Any new business you’d love to see?

I give a lot of credit to the development partners (Friessen Development and VanBuskirk Cos.) for hitting that sweet spot of diverse national and local retailers mixed with professional services and great food options — and nothing beats the view from any of the locations. Competition is a good thing, so more food choices, more unique shopping experiences and additional services benefit everyone. But if I had to choose something that’s missing, my list is pretty short — coffee.

There are events being planned for the area later this summer. The public is encouraged to give input on what activities, events or businesses they would like to see at Lake Lorraine through the website,

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Lake Lorraine adds community director, prepares for additions

The latest addition to Lake Lorraine isn’t a new store, restaurant or office but a leader who is helping get the word out about the area.

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