Long-vacant golf course, restaurant ready for new life

Oct. 25, 2018

Rick Gourley felt as though he’d found a proverbial diamond in the rough when a business acquaintance encouraged him to visit the Beaver Creek, Minn., area.

“He said, ‘You’ve got to see this golf course and clubhouse building. It’s just phenomenal, but it’s been sitting there 12 years,’ ” said Gourley, whose Sioux Falls properties include the downtown Gourley and Harvester buildings.

Fast-forward a few months and Gourley is the new owner of Beaver Creek Golf Course, which was developed by area businessmen and opened in 2003. It operated for only a few years before closing during the recession.

The former owner was Valley National Bank, led by Houston Haugo, and the property was put up for sale along with the Skelly’s building in downtown Sioux Falls when the bank was acquired.

And then it sat for years until Gourley came along and saw its potential.

The property includes a restaurant, bar and an event space that Gourley said was busy when the course was operational.

“It is set up for events and weddings,” he said. “I got a crew over there, and it’s really moving along. We were so lucky the heating and cooling and electrical and plumbing fired right up. The roof was in good shape. It needed some siding, but all in all we’re just cleaning.”

The property includes a full kitchen and 400 banquet chairs.

Gourley is looking for someone to operate the restaurant and event area while he finishes work on the nine-hole golf course. Getting it back in shape for play will take another year.

“I could see it becoming a community golf course or an association-type of golf course,” he said.

He’s also renaming the property SpringBrooke Golf & Grille, a nod to the creek that runs through it.

“I think it’s an amazing opportunity for somebody,” he said.

He has interest from potential operators but invites anyone interested to contact him at rickgourley60@gmail.com.

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Long-vacant golf course, restaurant ready for new life

It’s sat empty for years, but now a golf course complex not far fromSioux Falls has a new owner.

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