Making Thanksgiving dinner? Here are five ways Minervas can help

Nov. 22, 2019

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Maybe you’re the type who would rather make reservations than make a big holiday meal.

Or maybe you’ve looked at the calendar, realized Thanksgiving is just days away and have all you can do to pull together the bird and a couple of sides.

It might surprise you to learn Minervas – even on late notice – can help with the rest.

Give your guests a taste of downtown’s favorite dining experience with these five additions to your Thanksgiving feast.

Appetizer course

Did you know that the delish bacon horseradish dip on the Minervas salad bar is available to take home? You can buy it by the pint or quart, add your favorite crackers or veggies, and an appetizer option is done.

Soup’s on

It’s sounding like a chilly Thanksgiving week, so soup could be an easy addition to your meal.

You can order the classic customer-favorite tomato zucchini soup or the soup of the day by the pint, quart, half-gallon or gallon. Bonus: Even if you don’t use the soup at your holiday meal, it makes the perfect addition to your inevitable turkey sandwiches Thanksgiving weekend.

Salads galore

You’ve prepped the turkey, dealt with the dressing, figured out the potatoes – who feels like making a salad too?

Minervas famous salad bar options can be yours to go, packaged by the quart or half-gallon. It’s easy to add a dish of Cajun, pea, Waldorf, potato, beet, tomato feta, broccoli or macaroni salad to your Thanksgiving table.

You can even head home with dressing – Minervas sells any of its dressings by the pint.

Bread’s covered

Again – it’s about saving time and delivering a meal your guests will love. There’s no need to make an extra trip to pick up bread.

You can add a loaf of Minervas white or multigrain bread to your order and check that off the list. It’s also great for those upcoming turkey sandwiches.

Sweet surprises

And by the time you’ve figured out what’s likely your largest meal of the year, who feels like figuring out a dessert?

Minervas can take care of that too. Its delicious tiramisu can be bought by the pan, along with select other desserts.

You can even pick up a 5-pound bag of the tasty candies you likely snag on your way out of the restaurant, so your Thanksgiving guests will feel like they have had the same memorable meal.

The best news

Yes, it’s only days before Thanksgiving. But here’s the best part. You can still reserve any of these orders up until Tuesday, you can pick them up Wednesday, and you can be ready to go on Thanksgiving Day.

Call 605-334-0386 for information on pricing and to place an order.


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Making Thanksgiving dinner? Here are five ways Minervas can help

Need a little help pulling together your Thanksgiving feast? You might be surprised at these five ways Minervas can fill the gaps on your holiday table.

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