Memory care community leads to powerful changes for 90-year-old

Oct. 17, 2018

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Veva Baden’s children knew she needed somewhere new to live.

Her assisted living center wasn’t a good fit, and “to be honest, the only reason we went to look at Grand Living was because they were giving tours on a Sunday,” her son, Randy, said.

“They gave us a tour, and we were really, really impressed.”

They focused on Luminations, Grand Living’s memory care community.

“We loved the rooms and how the wings were laid out, how bright, open and nice it was,” Baden said. “The rooms look like individual cottages. That really caught our eye. It makes it look homey. You go to a lot of places, and it’s a long hallway with the same look, kind of drab. Here, everything is so bright and welcoming.”

By the time his sister came to Sioux Falls to tour additional living options on Monday, “nothing really held a candle to what we saw at Grand Living,” he said.

But they weren’t sure at first about one thing.

“The biggest thing was we didn’t think it would be as affordable as it is,” Baden said.“You walk in and see the dining area works restaurant-style, and you see the pub and spa and everything, and you think it is going to be way out of reach. Once we talked through our needs, we realized it was actually quite affordable.”

Veva, who is 90, moved in near the end of 2017, and the changes in her life have been powerful, her son said.

“It was surprising. From the first day, she would come out and play piano and do everything she used to do,” he said. “Where she was at before, she never did that. She ate her meals and went right back to her room. Now, she sits out with the other residents, and it just seems like she has more one-on-one interaction, which helps.”

Veva’s family members are frequent visitors.

“Our daughter visits two or three nights a week. The staff really makes an effort to get to know the families,” Baden said.

Whenever there are musical events at Grand Living, “we take her as often as we can, as music has been her passion almost her entire life,” he said.

“She seems to really like the food too. We’ve taken her downstairs for various holidays, and the food is great. It is also reasonably priced for families to come and eat with their loved ones.”

While his mother isn’t a big participant in activities, Baden praises the staff for the variety of opportunities they offer.

“They do a really good job,” he said. “And my mom is absolutely more engaged. When our daughter visits, she’s always sitting in the lounge area, and while she doesn’t physically participate in activities, she will go out and visit and watch.”

Baden now is spreading the word about Grand Living in his hometown of Jasper, Minn., and the surrounding area.

“The biggest thing is many people still don’t know it’s there,” he said. “They drive by and see it but think it’s a hotel. I’ve talked to other people my age with parents in the same situation about Grand Living because I highly recommend it. I would recommend it to anyone.”

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Memory care community leads to powerful changes for 90-year-old

“Once we talked through our needs, we realized it was actually quite affordable.” From there, the experience this family had at Grand Living has been priceless.

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