New bank branch is anything but traditional

Sept. 11, 2018

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This isn’t what most people will be expecting when they enter a bank branch.

That’s intentional on the part of Reliabank, which is opening its newest location near 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue this month.

“We decided we wanted an industrial, new age look,” said Reid Johnson, a third-generation member of the family business who focuses on marketing.

“And we matched interior furniture to what the building was going to look like.”

Reliabank was referred to Interstate Office Products by Lenae Schwartz, owner of Lenae Design, who also worked on the project. IOP’s Teena Hogan took it from there.

“I did several layout options and styles for them, and we narrowed it down to one they really liked,” she said. “This is definitely not your traditional bank. It’s got a very modern, industrial feel to it. I personally like modern, clean lines, and I really like the look of this bank. It won’t be what you’re expecting when you walk into a bank.”

From the first meeting, IOP was prepared, Reid Johnson said.

“It was an easy, seamless process,” he said. “They had options for us based on knowing where windows would be, what their height would be, how long and wide each office was and where the door was, which was nice.”

The furnishings selected combine metal and glass in a way that complements the exposed ceiling and industrial style of the building.

“We like the modern feel. We think it looks progressive for our Sioux Falls location and is attractive and long-lasting,” co-owner Jan Johnson said.

“They really listened to us. Teena did a wonderful job, showing us some really cool options to incorporate. She got a feel for the type of look we wanted and came up with design options that worked very well.”

IOP and Reliabank met monthly to work through the project.

“They were always prepared, and it went very well,” Jan Johnson said. “There were times we expanded our team a bit and asked others to come, and Teena was able to get their questions answered. She’s very knowledgeable. We were very pleased.”

Employee work areas were an area of emphasis. The bank’s mortgage loan processors received height-adjustable desks, “and they’re thrilled about that because they sit a lot of the time, and it’s a really nice feature,” Jan continued.

Most desks are U-shaped and have a two-toned look with shelves for employees to display personal items. A credenza includes a pad with a pop of color that doubles as a spot for co-workers to sit and look at the same computer.

“One thing I liked about working with Interstate was how we could go to their office and see a lot of the options they were showing us because their employees use them,” Reid Johnson said. “They could take us to someone’s workspace, and you could see how a pull-out drawer was or how a lift desk worked. So we could have hands-on conversations instead of looking at a piece of paper or computer screen.”

The bank’s common areas also are thoughtfully designed.

“We did a mixture of pieces. In the waiting area, we did a circular lounge piece with a bench on one side because there’s a children’s play area. So you can sit both ways and face the children or face the lounge,” Hogan said.

The hope is to make it a fun, inviting spot, Jan Johnson added.

“I think it will look really nice. Our floors are polished concrete, and we’ll have splashes of color with the area rugs, and the lounge furniture will be on those rugs and look very inviting.”

Additional lounge furniture includes a taller table with stools and outlets, so customers can get work done or charge a phone while waiting.

“They were great to work with,” Hogan said. “They definitely knew what they wanted, and it was fun to work with them and create something they liked and that will look great with the building that was designed.”

You can see the space for yourself at an open house from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday or at the Reliabank ribbon-cutting at 4 p.m. Sept. 18.

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Reliabank expanding in Sioux Falls as family business enters third generation

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New bank branch is anything but traditional

This isn’t what most people will be expecting when they enter a bank branch. Here’s how Reliabank created a next-generation look in its new location.

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