New business provides awards, promotional products

Oct. 18, 2018

A new business in Sioux Falls creates awards, promotional products and customized gifts for clients locally and across the country.

Monte Patterson started TrophyBox last year so he’d have something to do after his eventual retirement from the South Dakota Army National Guard. His initial approach was selling trophy kits that would allow customers to save money by putting them together.

A mutual acquaintance introduced him to Shon Roti, and their conversations turned into a partnership and a bigger scope for the business. Roti joined Patterson in March, and they opened a shop at 2010 S. Minnesota Ave.

“What I try to be is the problem-solver for whatever someone needs to brand their product,” Roti said. “We can do just about anything and have to take only some things out of house.”

Roti is using his graphic design and production skills that he honed at JDS Industries, one of the largest award suppliers in the country, to create customized items, from apparel and drinkware to photo frames and wooden signs.

Their location is more of a working shop than a retail outlet, but they do have items on display for customers to see.

Patterson is still with the Guard and does the book work and helps with production at TrophyBox. They’ve been doing several award pieces for the military, and Patterson’s connections have led to other jobs. Roti recently did the design work for a bar in Parker that was bought by someone Patterson knew from the Guard.

Other work comes from customers who are price shopping on the internet, Patterson said. A recent job involved customizing 1,500 bottle openers for a client in Idaho. “That was all hands on deck” to get those ready, he said.

Patterson recognizes that many online customers don’t have loyalty to one shop, but he hopes to create relationships for repeat business by providing great service. That’s true for local customers too, he said.

They’re gearing up for their first holiday season, and Roti said he has lots of ideas for customized gifts. Shoppers can browse products at

He also found another avenue for sales. He has been creating custom designs using the new Sioux Falls flag, buffalo, and other images and putting them on apparel, magnets, coffee mugs and an assortment of items. TrophyBox then sells that merchandise to retailers such as Zandbroz Variety.

And those do-it-yourself trophy kits that were the start of TrophyBox? They’re still part of the merchandise mix.



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New business provides awards, promotional products

A new business in Sioux Falls provides awards and promotional products for clients locally and across the country.

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