New business to take over Fernson/Breadico space

March 19, 2019

A new business taking over the Breadico and Fernson on 8th spaces at Eighth Street and Weber Avenue will keep the pizza and beer themes going but add books to the mix.

Angela Kull is giving up her nursing career to open Books n Brewz Pizzeria.

Customers will be able to use the entire space for browsing and reading books, eating pizza and other offerings, and drinking a glass of beer or wine.

Bartender Travis Graham and owner Angela Kull

“We’ve been buying books anywhere and everything we can find. … I really enjoy going out and hunting them down,” said Kull, a self-described bookworm who regrets not having much time for reading lately.

While most of the books offered for sale will be used and range from children’s to adult, “we do plan on having some new books by local authors.”

Kull said she has “at least a couple of thousand in stock so far. They are everywhere in my house — boxes and boxes.” They’ll be scattered throughout the business, with the titles for adults on the bar side and children’s books on the restaurant side.

She’s planning to use part of the area on the second floor of the former Breadico space to create a reading nook. Some of the seating there will remain, and the landlord has taken out the window where people could watch bread being made to create room for more tables on the first floor.

Breadico gave up its retail space at the beginning of the year, and Fernson on 8th will be replaced by Fernson Brewing Co.’s new location at Phillips and 12th that’s expected to open soon.

Kull has released a draft menu but anticipates making changes before the restaurant opens.

She’s planning to bring in a different pizza oven until she masters using Breadico’s wood-fired oven.

Her restaurant experience includes working at Pizza Hut after graduating from high school.

Kull has hired Travis Graham to serve as her bartender. She’s buying equipment from Fernson and Breadico, and plans to include local beers in the mix.

“I’m definitely keeping Fernson’s Lions Paw in there because I love that one.”

She’s encouraging future customers to send her drink suggestions through Books n Brewz Pizzeria’s Facebook page.

“We plan on having a variety and rotating through different beers.”

In addition to book signings, entertainment offerings will include live music, open mic nights, karaoke at least once a week, eventually trivia and possibly poetry readings.

She hopes to open in early to mid-April and thinks that’s possible because she isn’t planning to make a lot of remodeling changes.

“We just need to get all of our stock in and get going.”

Kull said she’ll have a better idea on an opening date once her lease begins April 1.

“We’re planning on being closed on Sundays and haven’t made a decision on Mondays yet. We’ll be open for sure Tuesday through Saturday, definitely for lunch, supper and beyond.”

She’s excited about finding the location for Books n Brewz Pizzeria.

“I love that building. All my life I’ve loved the look of that building.”

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New business to take over Fernson/Breadico space

A new business taking over the Breadico and Fernson on 8th spaces at Eighth Street and Weber Avenue will keep the pizza and beer themes going but add books to the mix.

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