New businesses bringing more people to Colton

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Located a quick 20 minutes northwest of Sioux Falls, Colton connects residents with the thriving Tri-Valley School District along with a small-town feel close to a big city.

We caught up with Mayor Ryan Fods to learn what’s new in the growing community.

Ryan Fods

What’s new in Colton? What kind of a year are you having?

Colton is having a great year! CHS Eastern Farmers opened a new ag facility three miles north of town, which not only helps the area farmers but also has been a great thing to bring new people to our town. The increased traffic is a big plus to our local businesses. Another plus to the community is Dollar General, which broke ground on a new facility a couple of weeks ago. They are projecting a November opening.

What do you think people might be surprised to learn about Colton?

I think they would be surprised on how convenient we are located to Sioux Falls. Not only do you get more home for the same to less dollar than Sioux Falls, it doesn’t take much longer to get to Sioux Falls from Colton than if you lived on the south side of Sioux Falls and went to the north side. Having worked on the north side of Sioux Falls in the past, my co-workers who lived on the south side could not believe we had the same commute time. I also told them I had better scenery to look at.

How’s the housing activity in Colton? Are you finding demand from new residents?

The housing activity is good. We have a limited amount of homes available for sale, and they do not stay on the market very long. Colton has a few lots available to build homes on, and one family has just started the process of building a new home. The owner of that development has advised that he is looking at adding another street, which would open about another eight lots.

What are you working on as far as economic development? What kinds of businesses have you attracted or are you trying to attract to town?

We are pretty much open to anything but are very limited on available lots for development. There are some local mechanics that would like to open a service station but have not been able to acquire any suitable lots for their business plan. We are lucky to have great local businesses stay in Colton and keep investing in our community.

What’s next for Colton? Is the city planning any projects for next year already or are you anticipating other types of new development?

Right now, we are working with Banner Associates on designing and improving the two highways in town. That project is expected to start next spring with water/sewer main replacement and then a new road surface. With the new Dollar General, updates to the convenience store and the amount of lake traffic we get, I feel Colton will see good growth in sales tax revenue, which will help the community grow in the future.

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New businesses bringing more people to Colton

Colton is experiencing solid growth this year, with a new ag facility and Dollar General opening this fall.

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