New fruit debuting with The Fruit Club

This piece is presented by The Fruit Club.

The Fruit Club is excited to offer a new fruit: Blackberries.

“Blackberries have been a request from our customers for a while, and we’re thrilled we found a grower who can deliver the sort of quality product we require,” founder Irina Kleinsasser said.

The blackberries will be coming from a Georgia farmer in May. To reserve them, visit

The Fruit Club is a national fruit delivery business delivering specially selected fruits monthly direct from the grower.

May also features cantaloupe.

“Our cantaloupe, or muskmelon, comes from the same amazing grower who handles our strawberry crop,” Kleinsasser said. “We saw record strawberry sales this year. And if you loved those, you’ll love these melons too.”

The Fruit Club traditionally has sold blueberries in May, but harsh weather this year is limiting supply. The plan is to offer blueberries on a limited basis in early May.

“We are happy to have secured some blueberries, but farmers have been hit hard by freezing temperatures in the south,” Kleinsasser said. “We feel fortunate to be able to offer them but want customers to be aware that supply and cost have been affected.”

The Fruit Club will be delivering blackberries and cantaloupe to 237 sites in 14 states with more limited distribution of blueberries. To find the location closest to you, visit

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New fruit debuting with The Fruit Club

The Fruit Club is excited to offer a new fruit: Blackberries.

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