New GreatLIFE center to include recovery lounge

Aug. 20, 2019

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Who says a workout has to be all work?

A new addition at GreatLIFE’s upcoming fitness center in Harrisburg will help you get ready to work out and keep you moving better.

It’s called a recovery lounge – and you’ll soon discover why.

“If you go into a gym feeling a little sore, that’s an obstacle – especially when people first start working out until you build up some consistency,” director of fitness Randall Hill said.

“So this is a great way to get in before the workout, loosen up the muscles and then get on with your workout.”

Members can do that with two HydroMassage therapy beds.

“They are easy to get in and out of, much like a recliner,” Hill explained. “We recommend a 10-minute session before or after your workout to relieve muscle soreness.”

The lounge also will feature two NormaTec recovery systems designed for a 25-minute session.

“These are really popular among professional sports teams and athletes,” Hill said. “It really helps with muscle soreness. It fills up with chambers of air, almost like a blood pressure cuff, and it works all the way up your leg and back down. The idea is to get oxygen-rich blood back into the muscles.”

Other offerings in the recovery lounge will include stretch tables for trainers, specialized foam rollers and Hypervolt massagers.

“And the whole look of the room will be a relaxing environment,” Hill said, adding that using the recovery lounge will start as a $9.99 per month add-on for members.

“As our members have started to find out, we’ve already had a lot of interest in it. Our goal is to bring a variety of great pieces into the Recovery Lounge and make it affordable for everyone to use.”

Recovery lounges have gained popularity on the coasts, but this is the first for GreatLIFE.

“It’s a newer trend,” Hill said. “But the whole idea is just to get people to recover faster so they can work out more and feel better in general.”

The GreatLIFE Harrisburg location is scheduled to open this fall.

GreatLIFE making progress on new Harrisburg location

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New GreatLIFE center to include recovery lounge

Who says a workout has to be all work? We’ve got details on GreatLIFE’s first recovery lounge.

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