New GreatLIFE trainer thrives on helping people meet fitness goals

Feb. 9, 2018

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Colin Shantz never thought he’d become a fitness trainer, but that changed during his second year in college.

After a few changes to his major, he settled into exercise science and said he “knew that helping people achieve their goals was what I wanted to be doing.” He worked as a wellness coach in Aberdeen while at Presentation College and then joined the staff at a gym in Minnesota.

Here’s what he had to say about his new role as a fitness trainer at GreatLIFE.

What made you decide to work at GreatLIFE?

I’m originally from Sioux Falls and would visit regularly and always found myself here working out. It was always a welcoming and friendly environment, and the staff was great. I became familiar with some of the staff and enjoyed my time here, so once an opening came to be, I jumped on the opportunity to join the GreatLIFE family.

What kind of services do you offer?

I am at the Woodlake location. I try to keep myself open to all opportunities and love working with anyone. I have worked with anyone from toddlers to seniors. Now, I would say my specialty is in Olympic weightlifting movements, sport training and functional training. I want to help anyone reach their goals.

How has it been going so far?

It has been wonderful. I love where I am and who I am surrounded by — members and staff.

This can be the time of year when gym attendance drops and people kind of forget their New Year’s resolutions. Do you have any advice? How can people keep from letting the good habits go away?

To be completely honest, I have personally seen a very high retention rate this year with new members. They are sticking to it and getting themselves in here. That is the biggest key: build a habit and be consistent with it.

Let’s say people are procrastinators and never even got to the whole resolution thing. Maybe they’ve never had a fitness membership. What’s the best way to get started at the gym?

Guidance always helps, here at GreatLIFE we offer GreatStarts, which is a meeting with one of the trainers to learn more about you and your goals, and give you the guidance to help you succeed and achieve those goals. After that, we do offer personal training, which is always a great option to get yourself into the gym and become closer to that goal.

February also is heart month. Do you have a few easy suggestions for people to get a little heart-healthier this month?

Exercise is the single greatest medicine. Just get up, move, and be active.

GreatLIFE also has a new way to stay active tied to this month’s Olympic Games. Check it out!

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New GreatLIFE trainer thrives on helping people meet fitness goals

Colin Shantz never thought he’d become a fitness trainer but now says it’s the perfect job for him.

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