New Harrisburg chamber/economic development leader sees ‘endless potential’

Oct. 2, 2019

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One of South Dakota’s fastest-growing communities has a new leader helping guide business growth and economic development.

Brandon Lane became president and CEO of the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation in September.

The Sioux City native went to college in several communities before finishing his degree at the University of Sioux Falls. We caught up with him to learn more about his vision for his new role.

Tell us a little about the background that led you to your new position.

After graduating, I found myself moving to Las Vegas to jump-start my young career in the insurance and financial services industry. I engulfed myself with organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Club, YPN and referral groups. This is where I found my passion for building relationships, which directly impacted my success as a business owner. I wanted to be a resource to other people, helping them achieve their ambitions and goals, so I decided to work for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. Upon moving home after the birth of our first child, we landed in Brandon, S.D., where I have been serving the community for the past 11 years.

What attracted you to your new role? When did you start the job?

There were multiple reasons why I pursued the opportunity to serve as the president and CEO of the Harrisburg Economic Development Corporation and Chamber of Commerce. Having the opportunity to start from the ground floor — building and molding a business culture — was very alluring. Harrisburg has a vibe of excitement and forward-thinking, which I think matches my personality well. My first day on the job was Sept. 16, and my first week was a blur due to multiple events taking place — a City Council meeting, Membership Mixer and committee meetings were all part of the first few days on the job.

What have been some of your first impressions of the Harrisburg business community?

I was absolutely humbled by how excited and welcoming they all have been. The relationship between the city, schools, businesses and chamber really stuck out to me. It’s refreshing knowing that we all may have different objectives, but the end goal remains focused on growing and improving the Harrisburg community.

What do you think others might be surprised to learn about what’s happening in Harrisburg?

Over the past decade, Harrisburg has gone from being a little town of 500 to a vibrant community of 6,000-plus, and it is full of endless potential. With new schools, new parks, new neighborhoods and new businesses around every corner, we’re truly “the next big thing” while keeping the small-town culture.

What are some of your key priorities as chamber president and CEO?

Gathering feedback from our members and residents will be top priority — finding out what their expectations are, what has worked thus far and what challenges they may be facing. This will allow me to have a starting point on what to address and how to prioritize solutions. I believe people too often have a misperception that what worked somewhere else will work in their current situation. Every town has its own identity and culture. Secondly, getting up to speed with our city officials on the current economic development plan is another top priority. I would like to learn more about the current mind-set and process when it comes to planning for the future.

If people would like to get connected to the Harrisburg Chamber of Commerce, what should they do?

They can reach me directly at 605-777-9120 or email me at I also encourage people to follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates on what’s happening in the Harrisburg business community.

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New Harrisburg chamber/economic development leader sees ‘endless potential’

One of South Dakota’s fastest-growing communities has a new leader helping guide business growth and economic development.

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